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Tesla’s HTML Codes Hint at Re-Launching of Low-Price Model Y

published: 2023-01-19 9:30

Tesla may re-launch the standard version of Model Y that was previously put on shelf, and the price might just be a little more affordable, though at a cost that is a slight reduction in driving range.

Enthusiastic engineers discovered that Tesla is currently updating the back-end of its official website, and HTML codes reveal that there will be a purchase option for a new Model Y that is priced much lower than the existing version.

Tesla had once released a Model Y Standard Range RWD back in 2021 priced at only US$42K in the US, though it was taken down by the company soon afterwards due to its EPA driving range of 390km as CEO Elon Musk believes that such low driving range is unacceptable. With that being said, Tesla continues with its sales of SR Model Y in the Asian and European markets.

Tesla, for the US market on the other hand, released an employee-exclusive Model Y that is adopted with the 4680 batteries produced by Giga Texas, and is priced at US$60K. With two motors adopted, the model remains quite low in driving range at merely 449km under the EPA standard, while the Model Y LR available on the mass market is priced at US$66K, but comes with a driving range of more than 520km.

According to the updated HTML codes discovered by the engineers, the Model Y that Tesla prepares to sell is seemingly identical in performance to that of the model adopted with two motors and 4680 batteries, and will also be priced at US$61,990.

As another year begins, the tax reduction quota on EV that will be recalculated by the US Department of treasury will be take into account among buyers who are preparing to purchase new cars. Even though Model Y costs way less than the US$80K cap, the fact that other competitors and the tax reduction offer exist is bound to introduce a certain level of impact, which is why the company would need products at even lower prices to respond to the market.

Model Y that is currently being sold in Taiwan is still produced by Giga Berlin, but there are only two options available, LR and Performance, where buyers are unable to go for the cheapest version rear-wheel drive Model Y (WLTP driving range of 450km), and neither can they upgrade to seven seats.

 (Cover photo source: Tesla)

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