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PV Taiwan 2013 – 7th edition NOW OPEN More than 150 companies—including NSP and AUO—are exhibiting, World’s top purchasers are here to source Taiwan products.

published: 2013-10-25 18:56
The Sun will dazzle brightest at the three-day PV Taiwan 2013 (Taiwan International Photovoltaic Exhibition) when it unfolds at TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 from Oct 30 to Nov. 1. This is where the industry sources and sells, where the deals enlightening progress.  In brief it provides the perfect one-stop shop for all the necessary components and technologies (from PV materials to PV system) for building a complete PV system. 
It’s at PV Taiwan 2013 where one can take in Taiwan’s single largest premier international photovoltaic exhibition, This event has drawn the eyes of global industry by joining the passions key exhibitors, including NSP, AUO, Win Win Precision, Giga Solar, Tynsolar, Ritek, PCM, SIC, LTi, Asys, Centrotherm, and Schmid. The event is welcoming 10,000 professionals from 70 nations including top buyers, academics and industrial leaders. 
Theme Pavilions cover everything from High Concentration Photovoltaics (HCPV), PV Systems, to Dye-sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) to mirror the diverse and competitive R&D breakthroughs and products from the industry in Taiwan. Annual production value of Taiwan’s PV cell manufacturing industry totals to over NT$250 billion and three of the top ten global PV cell vendors are Taiwanese companies, states Sam Hong, Chairman of Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association (TPVIA).  The coveted status of Taiwan’s industry has helped to shape Taiwan as the top sourcing hub that supplies a significant market share of the highest quality products.
By remaining committed to delivering high quality products and materials, Taiwan has firmly secured its place as the second largest major manufacturing center of solar cells in the world.
As nations worldwide begin to initiate their renewable energy policies, the PV industry of Taiwan is ready to take advantage of these global business opportunities. TAITRA, SEMI and TPVIA have invited international buyers from such leading firms as CANADIAN SOLAR INC., BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS, ABAKUS SOLAR, KRANNICH SOLAR, S-ENERGY, SOLARMAX, and SOLARMAX USA to join procurement meetings organized by PV Taiwan! 
Theme Pavilions 
 The High Concentration PV Area (A must-see!)
Green Source Technology, the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, AVC, Taicrystal, MH Solar and Arima EcoEnergy exhibit HCPV technology and modules to cover the complete industry chain. 
Among those named above, Green Source Technology is the top supplier of solar trackers, which can improve the efficiency of PV systems by an average of 15%~35%. As solar trackers become a global trend they have a boon to vendors. Dual-axis trackers and seasonal adjustable trackers are expected to be among the most important R&D results announced by Green Source Technology at the exhibition. 
 Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Area
This 3rd-gen PV technology, which has higher efficiency under low light, is even more suited for a wide variety of architectural projects. See the latest products and field applications from ECIC and KDI which are all here! 
 PV System Area 
Explore the PV systems from more than 20 international suppliers, including AUO, CSI-TECH, LTi and SIC that offer solutions for every need. In addition to showcasing various successes in such areas as commercial power plants, public BIPV plants, off-grid hybrid power plants, and the lease-model community PV plants, AUO will also be launching its eco-friendly PV water pump system – a mass-produced lightweight model designed for rural areas. 
For details on PV Taiwan 2013 click: www.pvtaiwan.com 
Register online for free tickets and a chance to win a grand prize! 
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