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China’s Countryside to Embrace an Explosion of Distributed PV Generation

published: 2016-06-02 16:49

On May 25th, Zhang Gaoli, a member of Central Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party and Vice Premier of the State Council attends and speaks at the TV conference concerning a new wave of upgrading and transformation of rural power grid.

To Achieve the Upgrading and Transformation of Rural Power Grid on Time and With High Quality

Zhang Gaoli comments that the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and the State Council have laid much emphasis on the upgrading and transformation of rural power grid. Premier Li Keqiang has made special deployment and instructions to effectively strengthen the leadership of the Party and coordinate the work of different departments. He has also ensured the scientific planning of the project and adequate investments. It is his main concern that the construction will be managed efficiently in order to make sure the project will be completed on time and with high quality.    

Zhang Gaoli emphasizes that in an effort to foster the development of this project, we will need to stick to the guidance of our Party, draft a detailed plan and implement it scrupulously, and speed up the construction of other necessary facilities. This year and next year, we also need to accelerate the progress of those projects that are high on our agenda and see that by the end of 2017 we can complete the upgrading and transformation of power grids in small towns (central villages). What’s more, the government will strongly support involved enterprises, the main component of this project, make sure that the funds are available and the investment plan is strictly executed, and extend financing channels. The introduction of social capital to this project will be discussed as a key topic. We will try our best to ensure the project can advance smoothly.           


For a very long time, restrained by many issues such as an outdated power grid, rural district has always suffered from not being able to get their distributed PV systems on grid. That is why the PV market in countryside was not able to boom and it has also impeded the implementation of the policy of poverty alleviation through PV industry.

Therefore, earlier this year, National Energy Administration issued a document which pointed out that we needed to keep up our efforts to carry out the upgrading and transformation plan. Before this year’s Spring Festival, Premier Li Keqiang specially emphasized at a conference that we needed to speed up the upgrading and transformation of power grids in the western and poverty-stricken districts, enhance their ability to connect their distributed PV system to the power grid and an estimated 700 billion RMB will be put into this project. Later, State Grid also expressed that they would strengthen the construction of power grids, coordinate the power network, and improve the power grids accommodation capacity for distributed and clean energy.

Follow Closely the Development of Distributed PV Generation Projects in the Rural District

A suitable power grid is essential to the development of distributed PV generation in the countryside. There are two reasons why we need to upgrade the power grid. Firstly, it can lay the foundation for the policy of poverty alleviation through PV industry. Secondly, it can eliminate obstacles to rural grid connection. Given the fact that this year so many related departments and leaders have revealed their concerns for the upgrading and transformation of power grids, the day when an overall upgrading of rural power girds is achieved will soon arrive. After that, the implementation of the policy of poverty alleviation in many places will enter the next stage. Since the obstacles are eliminated, there will be an explosion of distributed PV generation in the rural district. There is no need to say that it will be a great opportunity for the PV industry. I sincerely suggest you following closely the latest development of distributed PV generation projects in the rural district. (Sourcing from SolarBe.com)

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