nuclear Power

Tung Tzu-Hsien Urges Reactivation of First and Second Nuclear Power Plants; Wang Mei-hua: Fuel Rods Still Inside Reactor Core

published 2023 年 05 月 16 日 9:30
Tung Tzu-hsien, Chairman of Pegatron, recently commented that the priority is no longer nuclear-free, but carbon-free, and urges the government to reactivate First and Second Nuclear Power Plants, allowing nuclear power to occupy 15-18% of power generation, which not only reduces carbon emission but also lowers electricity prices. ...  more

Microsoft Signs PPA with Nuclear Fusion Company Helion Energy

published 2023 年 05 月 12 日 9:30
Microsoft announced on May 10th that they have signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with nuclear fusion company Helion Energy. The latter plans to initiate operation for the first nuclear fusion power plant before 2028 at a targeted power generation of 50MW. ...  more

OpenAI CEO Invests in Nuclear Fusion Startups as Technology Gains Traction

published 2023 年 05 月 11 日 9:30
OpenAi CEO Sam Altman, a prominent figure in the tech world and former president of startup accelerator Y Combinator, has made a significant investment in nuclear fusion startup Helion Energy. Altman’s involvement has brought increased attention to the potential of nuclear fusion technology. ...  more