power battery

Analysis of Power Battery Material System and Market

published 2023 年 07 月 18 日 17:45
The material system of power batteries encompasses various crucial components, including the cathode, anode, diaphragm, electrolyte, and collector. In the current market, the dominant cathode materials are lithium iron phosphate a...  more

Two More Billion-Yuan Battery Manufacturing Projects Have Landed in China

published 2023 年 06 月 08 日 9:30
Due to the promotion of policies related to capping and reducing carbon emissions, the global market for energy storage technologies is experiencing rapid growth. Many companies have also entered the related supply chains as they sense huge business opportunities. On May 22, Chinese battery suppliers Great Power and Zhuhai CosMX Battery announced their new battery manufacturing projects that are worth billions of yuan in investments. Both projects will be focusing on energy storage batteries. ...  more

Ronbay Technology and EVE Establish Strategic Partnership

published 2023 年 06 月 07 日 9:30
Ronbay Technology announced on May 29 that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with EVE, thereby cementing their partnership in the Li-ion battery industry. The agreement contains three areas for collaborations: ...  more

EVE Begins Construction on Its Battery Production Plant in Hungary

published 2023 年 06 月 07 日 9:30
Chinese battery manufacturer EVE held a groundbreaking ceremony for its production plant in Hungary on May 30. The plant is located in an industrial park in the north part of the city of Debrecen. It is also adjacent to a vehicle production plant operated by BMW. Hence, it is highly likely that the EVE’s plant will supply the batteries for BMW’s electric cars. ...  more