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New Wave of Inflation Fermenting within the Industry Chain as Constrained Polysilicon Provision Persists

Polysilicon Polysilicon prices continued to surge under a slightly expanded degree this week, where mono-Si dense materials were quoted at a mainstream price of RMB 263-275/kg, while mono-Si compound feedings were quotes at a mainstream price of RMB 265-278/kg, with an average concluded price of RMB 271-273/kg. ...  more



[Lithium Battery] Battery Supply Chain Traceability, Lithium Isotopes as "Fingerprints"

Lithium-ion batteries are used in smart phones, laptops, electric vehicles, and battery energy storage systems in various industries and companies have paid great attention to lithium ore and battery supply chains for their own ESG performance. Now scientists have found a way to establish a tracking system through the atoms in lithium batteries to ensure that purchased products are insulated from disputes....  more


[Solar] Tonze Invests Additional RMB 3 Billion to Expand LiPF6 Production

According to Tonze’s announcement, the base will comprise production facilities, warehouses, multi-purpose buildings, and other related industrial facilities. The construction phase will take no more than 18 months. Once the base is operational and running at full capacity, it is projected to generate an annual revenue of around RMB 6 billion....  more


[Wind Energy] Offshore Wind Power Establishment Impacted by COVID-19; Accumulated Installation of 200 Wind Turbines by the End of 2022

As pointed out by the report of the National Audit Office, the target for Taiwan’s accumulated quantity of offshore wind turbines in 2021 fell below expectation by a significant margin, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) responded that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on offshore wind power is regarded as a global phenomenon, where the entry and exit of related personnel, movement of vessels, as well as the manufacturing and transportation of materials, have been considerably affected. ...  more


[EV] This Company Buys 200 Teslas a Week with More to Come

What kind of company buys 200 Teslas a week, and if it's not enough, it's ready to double down and buy more electric cars from more brands, including Lucid, Rivian, and Ford....  more


[EV] First Phase of Gotion’s New Battery Production Base in Tongcheng Enters Operation

The first phase of Gotion Hi-Tech’s new battery production base in Tongcheng formally entered operation on August 8. The base, which is owned by Gotion’s subsidiary Tongcheng Gotion New Energy, has a planned total production capacity of 40GWh per year for NEV power batteries....  more