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published: 2013-05-07 10:41

Solarexpo is one of the most important exhibitions specialising in solar energy at the global level. Starting with the first edition way back in 1999, Solarexpo has achieved increasing success over the years with the public and exhibitors. Moreover, Solarexpo has pursued a constant commitment in favour of guidance, discussion and information about the dynamics of the industry and the market at the global level, with the organisation of conferences, seminars, courses and connected events that have seen the participation of prestigious Italian and foreign speakers.

The Solarexpo experience forms part of The Innovation Cloud, the new exhibition platform at the international level created in order to embrace the entire spectrum of technological innovation in support of a low-carbon economy, and to promote all the possible opportunities for synergy. A multi-technological concept combined with a series of conferences at the highest level are the strong points of The Innovation Cloud in furnishing the sector with useful instruments for guidance on the corporate business model.
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