SolarTech Argentina 2013 (Conference and Exhibition)

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Green World Conferences cordially invites you to the SolarTech Expo Argentina 2013, an international conference which brings together experts in PV, solar-thermal, CSP, BIPV and CPV installations, both large and off-grid.

Focusing on recent technology and commercial market developments within PV, CSP, CPV, OPVC, BIPV, Thin Film and solar thermal, SolarTech Expo Argentina, a strictly B2B conference and exhibition will be held in Buenos Aires on 23-24.09.2013.

Government support, project finance and risk mitigation options will also be discussed.

Located in the networking area expo will hold 25 stands where leading solar energy technology companies will showcase their technologies and solutions for the industry.

The conference will address a number of topical issues:
Development of solar projects in Argentina and LATAM
Governments support for solar energy industry in Argentina
PV, CSP, CPV, HCPV, BIPV technology update
Solar-thermal technology update
Solar energy for water desalination
Solar energy for rooftop installations
Solar for telecommunication industry
Solar power inverter innovations
Large scale solar build - options for Argentina and LATAM
Energy storage for solar energy industry
O&M of PV systems
Hybrid and organic photovoltaics (HOPV)
Project finance for solar energy industry in Argentina
Solar project risk management
Solar energy and smart grid
New market opportunities
Next generation solar

Confirmed speakers:
Mr Marcelo Álvarez, Director, Solar Committee, Argentinian Renewable Energy Chamber CADER

Speaker to be confirmed,  Asociación Argentina de Energías Renovables y Ambiente - ASADES
Eliseo Cabrera, President, Uruguay Solar Chamber - Cámara Solar del Uruguay – CSU
Mr Carlos María Tombeur, Partner, Severgnini Robiola Gringberg & Tombeur
Mr Alberto Levy Ferre, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank
Mr Luis Rotaeche, Coordinator of the Renewable Energy Committee, Argentine Institute of Energy - Instituto Argentino de la Energía "General Mosconi"
Mr Daniel Moreno, Sustainable Development and Security Manager, Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora del Norte – Edenor
Mr Juan Carlos Tripaldi, Assistant Manager of Energy Efficiency, Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora del Norte – Edenor
Mr Julio Duran, Responsible Solar Energy, National Atomic Energy Commission - Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica – CNEA
Mr Pablo Lutereau, Senior Director & Analytical Manager Infrastructure, Standard & Poor's Financial Services
Mr Jose Carlos Cueva, Partner, Estudio Beccar Varela
Mr Alejandro Burlot, Director of Energy, Ministerio de Infraestructura y Energía, Subsecretaría de Energía y Minería, Gobierno de Mendoza - Goverment of Mendoza
Mr Pablo Cisneros, Chief Executive of Energy, CAF Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina
Mr Víctor Doña, Director, Energía Provincial Sociedad del Estado EPSE
Mr Martín Sánchez, Vice-President, Industrial Belgrano IBSA
Mr Christian Antunovic, President, ACESOL

To book your place please contact:

Mr Pau Caldentey (Spanish / English language)
Tel: 0044 (0) 78 960 196 55
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