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published: 2015-01-21 10:18

Energy and Enviromental Technologies Fair & Conference

CNR Energy Istanbul, the most comprehensive energy and environmental technologies fair and conference in Turkey,will be held between 19-21 March 2015 at CNR-EXPO Fair Center.


Global energy demand is constantly growing due to the increase in requirement for the power.

  • Industrial and population growth in emerging markets has led to an increase in energy generation.
  • It’s estimated that primary demand of global energy will continue to increase at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate)1.64% until 2030
  • In comparison with the previous year ,0.9% increase is observed in oil consumption which was 4 million tons in 2012.

Turkey Welcomes Your Energy

“Discover the most convenient location for production and set your bridge up to the consumption.”

Having a central position to an abundant variety of regions like Europe , the Balkans , the Aegean, The Black Sea  and Central Asia  Turkey is your natural bridge for your maritime and pipeline transportation .In addition to its critical geographical position , Turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world  and the 6st largest economy in Europe .Based upon its feasibility Turkey has undertaken multiple partnerships with foreign investors for energy production from countries such as China , Germany , Sweden , Austria,Russia and many more…

The disponibility of skilled labor force increases the overall sustainability of Turkish Energy Sector.

•    By the expansion and the liberalization in energy sector , it’s easy to find skilled labor because of the companies and universities which provide reliable education for workers who gained a noteworthy experience during last decade.

Promising  Investment Field : Turkey

Turkey is heavily dependent on import to meet its increasing gas demand which opens opportunities in both gas exploration and gas import.Importers have a legal liability to store %10 their gas imports.This creates an investment opportunity for storage facilities,which currently covers 5 bcm in Turkey.

The Ministry of Economy provides further incentives for renewable energy technologies which stimulate the impulse for growth

Unlocking Turkey’s full renewable energy potential will be achieved by its ambitious renewable energy targets and resulting investment opportunities that’s why different energy sales options are easy to find for renewable energy investors.By this means,all investors,foreign and domestic,can take advantage of incentives offerd by Turkish Government. The stabilization of solar energy regulation has already captured the attention of major energy players…

“Vital Info’’

Turkey’s hydropower potential constitutes %16 of Europe’s theoretical hydropower potential and 1% of the world’s total which clarifies Turkey has the highest installed hydropower capacity in Eastern Europe.

For more information please e-mail;
cenk.cansu@cnr.net or ahmet.sucakli@cnr.net
Or visit;

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