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CSP Focus China 2015 March30-31 Beijing

published: 2015-01-29 14:24


2014 has witnessed the most exciting moment for Chinese CSP industry---the first commercially operational CSP plant in China—Supcon’s Delingha CSP power plant has won the FiT of 1.2 RMB/Kwh authorized by National Development and Reform Commission for its phase I project. This is the first officially permitted FiT for CSP plant in China. Even though 1.2 is not the rate settled for all the CSP projects in China, it has, to some extent, set up the standard for the future FiT trend, and it also serves as a milestone to stimulate the boosting of Chinese CSP market, and facilitate its scaling up.

With the table turning, Chinese CSP insiders begin to make preparations for the deployment of CSP capital and technology market. Early in this July, when the FiT didn’t come out yet, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation’s (CGNPC) 50MW Delingha CSP project start construction, which shows CGNPC’s great confidence in Chinese CSP market. In September, China Power Investment Corporation’s power tower has passed through the feasibility report. Many other CSP players at home just come back to life, searching for new business cooperation opportunities and setting up new projects. It can be predicted that, in the near future, Chinese CSP industry will go into prosperity. According to the “12th Five-Year Plan” in China, the installed CSP capacity should reach 1GW in 2015 and 3GW in 2020, which can bring hundreds of billions RMB market in China. Some industry analysis indicates that the initially accumulated technology and operational experience will guide the industry pioneers to take the upper hand in market shares.

However until now, Chinese CSP capacity is far behind the goal of “the 12th Five-Year Plan”. Despite of the exciting opportunities in CSP market, challenges also lie within. What incentives can government provide, how to choose best technologies that are suitable in Chinese market, how to expand CSP funding options, these are all the questions that should be taken into consideration.

Take an overview of the whole world, policy changes and program updates in the emerging markets are also eye-catching: after experiencing the failure of
JNNSM phase I, India is going to be prudent by developing and tendering two 50 MW CSP projects. South Africa, as one of the most boosting CSP market with
high DNI, has entered into 3.5 round of REIPPP for CSP bidding, even though the bidding result was said to come out in this June, it is still up in the air. With the absence of CSP in round 4 and the fluctuations of CSP allocation in IRP, South Africa is full of uncertainties. MENA region boasts abundant gas and oil, CSP has no longer been confined to power field, it has also played a vital role in industrial application. Chile, with its plan to allocate 20% electricity to be generated from clean energy by 2050, has set up the first power tower – Cerro Dominador, it has not only helped with reducing carbon dioxide emission, but also with local economy development.

CSP technology can also be applied to other industries, such as papermaking, textile industry, food industry, tobacco industry, lumbering, chemistry, plastics and medicine industry. CSP technology can offer alternative energy to generate heat in EOR, solar air conditioner, hydrogen production, which proves that CSP can even go further outside of electricity generation field.


  • Policies to break the impasses ---review the achievement of Chinese CSP industry during the course of “the 12th Five-Year Plan”, analyze CSP FiT trend, and look forward to the future of CSP deployment in China;
  • CSP project updates---come to grips with the subsequent progress of Chinese CSP projects after the first CSP FiT settled down, take a bird’s-eye view of the universal CSP projects to dig out more opportunities;
  • Paving the way for capital inflows---get a comprehensive overview of the CSP funding experience, gain clarities on the opportunities and challenges beneath the capital market, learn to expand the capital inflow channels;
  • Driving diversified technologies forward---find out the latest breakthroughs of CSP components, get to know the optimized O&M methods, evaluate the hybrid power generation model;
  • CSP industrial application boosting---exploit solar thermal market home and abroad, analyze the global policy trend, enhance solar thermal technology development through multi-industrial cooperation.


  • Hearing the freshest ideas from 35 senior industry expert speakers’ strategic insights, case studies and practical insights globally;
  • Joining in 230+ CSP players from whole industry chain organizations and companies, enjoying high level peer-to-peer networking;
  • Offering the full spectrum of information and outlook of CSP development in China, facilitating to solve puzzles and clear minds;
  • Unearthing the prospects and potential business opportunities in China CSP booming time;
  • Identifying and collaborating with key value chain partners to exploit the new business opportunities;
  • Showcasing and exhibiting the most advanced technologies and products for performance optimization.


Li Xiaoxue, General Manager, CGN Solar Energy Development Co., Ltd
Xu Shisen, President, Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute
Ma Yunqing, Deputy General Manager, Shen Zhen Jinfan Energy &Technology Co., Ltd.
Tian Zenghua, Chief Engineer, North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd
Bai Fengwu, Associate Researcher, Institute of Electrical Engineering, China Academy of Science
Huang Wenjun, Vice President & Chief Engineer, Zhejiang Supcon Solar
Alberto R. Rocha, Strategy & Business Development, ACS Cobra
Lu Zhiheng, General Manager China, Abengoa Solar
Andrew Wang, Director of Development, SolarReserve
Jose Barak, Senior Vice President, Brightsource Energy
Yvonne Huang, General Manager, China, BrightSource Energy
Yehuda Harats, CEO, Ener-t International Ltd.
Wim Alen, SeniorBusiness Developer, Solar& Geothermal, GDF SUEZ Energy
Andrew Kesiamang, Chairman, Ample Solar
China Development Bank
China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure)
Dana Younger, Chief Renewable Energy Specialist, International Finance Corporation ( IFC)
Ashok Bhargava, Director, Energy Division, East Asia Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Bruce Anderson, CEO, Wilson Solarpower Corporation
Matteo Rabaioli, Senior Process Engineer, Eurotecnica
Jack Qi, Technical Director, IMI Critical Engineering
William YUAN, Sales Manager, Flexim China
He Tao, Senior Engineer, China Academy of Building Research
Li Zeiming, General Manager, Qi Yu Solar
Li Wen, President, Vicot Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Dai Yanjun, Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Arun Subramony,Chairman & CEO, Empereal
Geetanjali Patil Choori, CEO & Co-Founder, Energy Guru

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