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4th PERC Solar Cell and Bifacial Module Forum 2018

published: 2018-05-22 16:18

Passivated emitter and rear cell(PERC) is becoming the new generation of solar cell technology. Mature manufacturing processes and low capital investment make PERC capacity easy to expand, coupled with the downstream market demand for high-power modules, the PV industry to actively expand PERC capacity. In 2017, global solar cell capacity is about 125GW, including PERC capacity of 35GW. The new or upgraded P-type crystalline silicon solar cell production line in 2018 will basically use PERC technology.

Compared with the conventional cell production line, PERC technology can increase the solar cell conversion efficiency effectively by only increasing the rear passivation and laser grooving steps and the cooperation of the metallization process. PERC technology makes P-type crystalline silicon solar cell efficiency improved to unimaginable. In Oct.2017, JinkoSolar announced record-breaking multi-Si PERC solar cell efficiency of 22.04%. In Feb.2018, LONGi LERRI announced record-breaking mono-Si PERC solar cell efficiency of 23.6%.

The advantages of PERC technology are also reflected in the potential to be compatible with other high-efficiency cell and module technologies to continually improve efficiency and power generation. PERC solar cell efficiency can be further enhanced by using technologies such as MBB, selective emitter and TOPCon; combined diamond wire sawing and black silicon technology to increase the competitiveness of multi-Si cells. Bifacial PERC achieves double-sided power generation with almost no increase in cost and 10%-25% power generation gain at the system end, greatly enhancing the competitiveness and future development potential of PERC technology.

Meanwhile, continuing improvement and localization of PERC equipment, as well as the maturity of PERC metallization paste technology, are also conducive to the rapid application of PERC technology, and the mass production efficiency of mono-Si and multi-Si PERC cell recently will be more than 22% and 21% respectively. However, in order to maintain competitiveness, PERC cells need to further enhance the conversion efficiency and reduce costs, improve yield and commit to solving the problem of light induced degradation (LID).

4th PERC Solar Cell and Bifacial Module Forumwill be held on June 28, 2018 in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. The upcoming conference will discuss global and China PV industry outlook and PERC prospect, competitive analysis and market share of multi-Si and mono-Si PERC cell, PERC solar cell production line optimization and key technology equipment, bifacial PERC solar cell technical challenges, test standards and rear side generation optimization, bifacial PERC module real power generation return on investment, PERC LID mechanisms and solutions, PERC solar cell efficiency improvement outlook, PERC solar cell paste and metallization technology, etc.

The notice is as follows:


  1. Global and China PV industry outlook and PERC prospect
  2. PERC solar cell capacity expansion and market share outlook
  3. Competitive analysis of multi-Si and mono-Si PERC cell
  4. PERC efficiency outlook - how to achieve above 24% conversion efficiency?
  5. LID mechanism and solutions for PERC cell
  6. Bifacial PERC technical challenges and solutions
  7. Bifacial PERC test standards and rear side generation optimization
  8. Bifacial PERC module real power generation return on investment
  9. PERC rear passivation process equipment——PECVD and ALD
  10. High quality TMA precursors boost PERC rear passivation
  11. Advanced laser opening technologies for PERC passivation layer
  12. PERC solar cell paste and metallization technology
  13. Experience of upgrading the conventional solar cell production line to PERC
  14. PERC production line optimization and next-generation technology R&D
  15. TOPCon technology application prospects on PERC


B.    Conference DayJune 28~29, 2018

C.   Conference VenueDoubleTree by Hilton Wuxi

D.   Registration DateJune 27, 2018   16:00 -21:00

E.    For more details, please contact:

Miss Joanna Chen

Tel: +86-21-68726606-109

Cell: +86-13701609248 (same as wechat)

Email: Joanna_chen@chemweekly.com

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