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South Korea Renewable Energy Summit 2019

published: 2018-12-27 16:51

17-18 April, Grand Ambassador Seoul Associated With Pullman

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is an outstanding location for renewable energy exploration with its perfect solar radiation and abundant wind resource. In order to adjust the energy structure and performing the nuclear phase-out policy, South Korea focused more on renewable energy development with the launch of the President Moon’s administration

In place of Feed-in-Tariff, South Korea set up the “Renewable Portfolio Standards” in 2012 to push forward renewable energy development and hope to establish a whole mature renewable market with a completed value chain, especially in solar energy and offshore wind energy sector. Meanwhille, MOTIE published the “Renewable Energy 3020” implementation plan to increase its renewable energy use, in which it declared that it will increase renewable energy’s share of the energy mix from its current level of 7% to 20% by 2030 by providing 48.7GW in new generating capacity and 110 billion US$ will be invested in solar and wind energy. In addition, around 2.5GW offshore wind energy and 14GW solar power energy will be installed before 2020. In this booming renewable energy market, more projects and opportunities are shown for investors, EPC contractors and suppliers.

What SKRES 2019 can provide is not only the market intelligence, but also the opportunities to connect with those capable local developer and partners to further push forward the development of Korean renewable energy market together.


SKRES 2019 Highlights

- 30+ Exhibitors

- 20+ Hours of Networking

- 30+ Professional Speakers

- 300+ Participants


SKRES 2019 Schedule Planning

Conference & Exhibition (17-18 April, 2019)

  • 300+ professional participants from Government & Regulators, Power Utilities, IPPs, Project Developers, EPC Contractors, etc.
  • 30+ exhibitors will showcase the advanced technologies, produces and capacities.
  • The best opportunity to learn the first-hand information and explore business in South Korea’s renewable energy sector.

Project Match-Making Forum (17-18 April, 2019)

  • The ideal occasion for project owners, sponsors and other potential partners to host one-on-one discussion for potential cooperation to kick-start the development of the renewable energy project.


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