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1Q12-4Q13(F) Module output and price trends

published: 2013-12-20 13:37

Better Prospect in PV Market Leads to Increased Polysilicon Demand in 1Q14

According to EnergyTrend, a research division of TrendForce, the intensive pricing competition in the PV market has gradually come to an end. Due to the increased demand in the emerging markets, solar system demand in 2014 is likely to rise substantially. As indicated by EnergyTrend’s data, deducting the amount of solar system installations which haven’t completed grid-connection in 2012, the total amount of grid-connected installations is likely to reach 28.6GW in 2013. As for the total amount of shipment in 2013, it will be around 33.3GW, which shows that the overall supply within the PV market can be somewhat sufficient. Although the total amount of module shipment may be about 40GW in 2014, the actual amount of grid-connected installations will only be around 39.5GW. Module supplies, therefore, may be somewhat restricted. 

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