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2011-2017 PV Demand in Rest of Asia

published: 2013-12-20 10:13


PV Energy Enters High Stable Growth in Asia-Pacific Emerging Markets

In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan and China had the highest PV energy demand in 2013, according to EnergyTrend Research Manager Jason Huang. Demands in Japan this year soared two to three times compared to 2012, while China benefited from a series of subsidiary policies that will gradually target 6, 10, 12 GW solar power stations from 2013-2015. India and Australia have become the primary regions for stable development in the Asia-Pacific region, while emerging Asia market will require one to two years to develop. Countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines all have good solar energy potential. PV energy demands emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region will soar at an compound annual growth rate of 33.8% before 2017, and will become a major pillar for Asia-Pacific PV energy market development. 

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