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Shunfeng: “One-Stop Shop” PV Project Solutions are Built Through Strategic Acquisitions and Integration

published: 2015-05-27 11:02

As solar power plant becomes the segment with the highest rate of return in the PV market and China set itself a 17.8GW PV target for 2015, all the PV manufacturers chose to focus on solar power plant market this year. EnergyTrend had the honor to interview Mr. Xin Luo, CEO of Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd (“Shunfeng”), to discuss about the company’s future strategies and perspectives toward the PV market trend.

Mr. Xin Luo, CEO of Shunfeng International Clean Energy ("Shunfeng")

Last year, Shunfeng acquired Wuxi Suntech, a tier-one PV module manufacturer and SAG, the world’s largest PV construction company. Through strategic acquisitions and integration, the company has a clear vision of its future strategies within the PV industry. “We position our products in three areas – 1) cell and module manufacture, 2) project development, 3) operation and maintenance services,” said Luo. While Shunfeng still has to work on project development and maintenance services, most of the company’s revenue came from the sales of cells and modules last year. However, Shunfeng is likely to put more emphasis on power plant projects. The company connected 644MW of power plants to the grid in 2014 and is planning to complete 1.5GW of grid-connection this year.

Since PV manufacture is still restricted by trade wars and low gross margins in 2015, tier-one PV manufacturers have to come up with more flexible strategies to digest their large capacities. “PV industry is going through a major revolution. Shunfeng has established its leading position in providing clean energy solutions through a series of acquisitions and integration. From the goals we have set for this year shows that   you have to move at the speed of your thoughts in the energy industry and satisfy market’s need toward total energy solutions. Shunfeng shows its ambition in the PV industry by offering “One-Stop Shop” services, which means all the services from manufacture, project development to maintenance are all covered,” add Luo.

Shunfeng will remain committed to the goal of creating a low-carbon environment this year. In addition to energy conservation, Shunfeng also provides services related to project development, design, construction, insurance, and maintenance. The company is planning to combine the technologies and products of PV solar, heat pumps, LED lighting, energy storage systems, and product monitoring/maintenance, enabling customers to increase the use of green energy as well as reduce energy consumption.

On the other hand, Shunfeng also promotes integrated low-carbon solutions, including low-carbon communities, cities, and residents. The company finished the construction of the first low-carbon school in the world – Rainbow Bridge International School, saving over 70% of energy. In the future, Shunfeng will continue to expand the deployment in the new energy field using current resources to offer total energy solutions for the public and institutions. By reducing energy consumption as much as possible, the company is hoping to achieve both low carbon emission and energy cost consumption for clients and environment.

 World's first low-carbon school - Rainbow Bridge International School (Source: Shunfeng)
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