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Tips for Maintenance of Electric Bike Batteries

published: 2011-06-03 11:07

The popularization of electric bikes has brought great convenience to consumers. The maintenance of batteries used in these electric bikes becomes a common issue that owners should be aware of. Here are four tips for easy maintenance to ensure the battery performance.

1. Prevent from loss of capacity: loss of capacity occurs when the battery is left unused for a certain period of time leading to power-lack sulfuration. The longer time a battery is left unused, loss of capacity extends. It is suggested that the battery should be charged at least once a month to optimize the battery lifespan.

2. Refrain from high-rate discharging the battery: When traveling uphill or carrying companion, it is better to propel with additional assistance of foot kicking to avoid crystallization of lead-sulfate in the battery which will undermine the performance.

3. Manage the charging time: under normal circumstances, batteries are charged for 8 hours. However, if the travel distance is short it will require less time to fully charge the battery. Continuing the charge process will only lead to overcharge of the battery which will result in loss of water, heating, and shorter lifespan. Therefore, it is suggested to discharge the battery at least 60-70% before next recharge, which can be converted into travel distance to determine when to recharge.

4. Keep out of heat: electric bikes should not be exposed to high heat, including being left under direct sunlight for a long time. High temperature environment will increase the internal pressure of a battery, leading to increased loss of water which will in turn accelerate the softening of the battery plate and cause great damage to the battery.


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