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The Netherlands Launched Anti-Nesting Fences to Prevent Birds from Approaching Solar Panels

published: 2023-03-15 9:30

The perfect triangle space between solar panels and rooftops, despite being a perfect nesting area for birds, comes with risks of electric shocks and fire hazards. A Dutch startup has now released an exclusive fence that can be easily installed without disassembling any modules or the use of any nails, and is able to easily block out nesting from birds. 

Birds in different cities are no longer strangers to solar panels amidst the rising prospect of solar power, and could inhabit among these solar panels, which not only results in noises, but also leads to collisions, where droppings could lower power generation from solar panels as well. Birds, should they nest underneath modules, can also affect ventilation, and could trigger fire hazards.

Startup BirdBlocker has introduced a new solution that is an intertwined fence made with high-density polyethylene, which vertically lines up with the rooftop, thus preventing birds from entering the bottom part of solar panels. BirdBlocker founder Hans de Grooth commented the plastic strips are concatenated with a “bridge” that blocks out birds from going through the fence.

BirdBlocker offers two rooftop solutions, with the standard version applicable on pitched roofs measuring at about 12.5cm, and another version at 20cm, which is suitable for rooftops that are further away from solar panels.

The particular solution does not require any nails, and will not be pried open by birds, as it fixes stainless steel clamps on the outer frame of the modules. BirdBlocker claims that these clamps are applicable on 98% standard solar panels, and also offers another type of clamp for modules in boxed frames.

BirdBlocker claims that its solution can be easily installed without disassembling solar panels, and can be cut to the right length according to each solar panel and rooftop. The solution does not require any nails or drills, and thus does not affect panel repair and maintenance. 

(Cover photo source: BirdBlocker)

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