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XING Mobility Once Again Expands in Overseas Markets through Display of Advantages in IMMERSIO Cooling

published: 2023-03-14 9:30

From electric supercars to commercial automotive and battery energy storage systems, XING Mobility not only showcased its IMMERSIO Cooling Battery today (14th), but also announced an expansion of its overseas markets by offering patented batteries of mobile high-voltage charging piles for Nordic Booster at 2MWh, which is equivalent to the monthly power consumption of more than 100 households.

After working with Castrol (UK), HKS (Japanese tuning parts manufacturer), and VNINES (Vietnamese power system manufacturer), XING Mobility will now be providing a total of 2MWh immersive cooling batteries for the mobile high-voltage charging piles developed by Norwegian energy management company Nordic Booster.

XING Mobility’s patented immersive cooling battery technology is extensive in applications, and has been adopted by 20 different vehicle electrification projects in North America and Europe. Among which, the IMMERSIO XM25 immersive cooling battery system has a maximum capacity of 200kWh, and can go as high as 150kW in discharging, with high fire resistance and durability, making it safe to use even in extreme environments. At the same time, its petite size allows direct coupling with pickups, SUVs, or small trucks.

Li-ion batteries are often associated with risks of thermal runaways. Huang Yu-chie, COO of XING Mobility, commented that the team focuses on corresponding measures for explosions, which is why the mechanism would be activated once thermal runaways are detected within the batteries, thus externalizing and suppressing the energy of thermal runaways that would lower risks of explosions.

 IMMERSIO X25 comprises of four battery modules and an in-house battery management system. Each battery module contains 360 battery cells.

The immersive cooling technology immerses battery cells 100% within non-conductive engineering cooling liquid, and uses pumps to circulate and deploy heat dissipation, where the exclusive battery management system would also detect the temperature of the cooling liquid, pressure, and leakages. The immersive cooling technology, compared to traditional air cooling systems, is more even in cooling, and could increase heat conduction by thousand times. The property of the system could also maintain consistent temperature for battery cells, as well as automatically inhibit thermal runaways even if the industry demands an increase in voltage on a continual basis.

XING Mobility pointed out that the batteries had retained about 90% of state of health (SOH) after 2/3 of charging cycle is used, and were able to maintain excellent operation between minus 20-55°C, with 80% of power charged within 20 minutes. IMMERSIO XM25 batteries can integrate a maximum capacity of 800V/32 series, and retain highly efficient charging and discharging rate under extreme industrial environments, with fast assimilation in various application fields. The product has started mass production for shipment to one of the largest commercial automotive brands in the world, followed by a construction of a large energy storage system for renewable energy power grids.

 (Photo source: TechNews)

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