China's 12th 5-Year Plan to Target Lithium Battery Development

2011 is the commencing year for the next five-year plan for the Chinese government which put a great emphasis on 7 emerging industries that can help achieve energy-saving and carbon-reducing targets. One of the development focuses for the Chinese auto industry is to con.. more

Broad-based Low Inventory of Lead-acid Battery may Lead to Explosive Growth of Lithium Battery

There has been a reconsolidation of the lead-acid battery industry in the recent month, and low inventory level has been reported in various regions in China. A large number of lead-acid battery manufacturers have requested a stringent response from the government for falli.. more

Battery Capacity Variation with Technology Advancement

There has been significant progress in the technology development of batteries adopted in electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV): in addition to the increased energy density, the battery can be recharged for thousands of times. With an adequate utiliz.. more

Tips for Maintenance of Electric Bike Batteries

The popularization of electric bikes has brought great convenience to consumers. The maintenance of batteries used in these electric bikes becomes a common issue that owners should be aware of. Here are four tips for easy maintenance to ensure the battery performance. .. more

Introduction of Smart Grid

The electrical grid, which provides for our daily needs, is immense and has existed over the past few decades. The electrical grid completes the long term electricity transmission through high-voltage wires from thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear and other types of power plants.. more

Introduction to Secondary Batteries

Lead Acid Battery Commonly seen in automobiles and scooters, lead acid battery is a type of secondary battery that has a long history in our daily lives. Lead is used as anode material and lead dioxide is used as cathode material. In addition, sulfuric acid is used a.. more

Introduction of Battery Types

Depending on the way of generating electricity, batteries can be categorized into chemical battery, physical battery and biological battery, which has been a favorable research topic in recent years. Following is an introduction of these three kinds of batteries: 1. Che.. more