Investment Environment by Countries – France

Starting from government institutions and public transport, European Union takes measures in response to the “green living” trend. European Parliament passed a bill demanding government institutions and public transport to take not only prices but also energy sav.. more

Investment Environment by Countries – Korea

South Korean government found that traffic commuting between rural and urban areas increased, producing tremendous air pollutions. Therefore, official agency tried to focus on public transportation as a preliminary means of reducing carbon emissions and enforced the adoption o.. more

Investing in Li-Battery (7) – Summary of Global Manufacturers of Li Batteries for EVs

EnergyTrend, a market research institute, compiled a table of leading global manufacturers that run business in the field of batteries for EVs. Comapny Location Listed On symbol Remarks E-One .. more

Investing in Li-Battery (6) – Value Chain Mid, Downstream – Cell & Pack

There are currently more than twenty companies globally manufacturing lithium-ion batteries used for mobility. Within Japan only, there are more than ten companies include Toshiba, Hitachi, NEC, GS Yuasa, Toyota, and Panasonic EV Energy. American companies includ.. more

Investing in Li-Battery (5) – Value Chain Upstream– Separator

Separator is an important part of lithium-ion battery and its main function is to prevent electrical malfunction. The quality of the separator determines the battery’s capacity, cycle life span, and safety. It makes up 30% of the total manufacturing costs of a battery pa.. more

Investing in Li-Battery (4) – Value Chain Upstream – Electrolyte

Electrolyte, which accounts for approximately 12% of total manufacturing costs, is one of the most important materials that influence the quality of Lithium batteries. Electrolyte mainly comprises LiPF6, which is extremely difficult to produce. Large multinational companie.. more

Investing in Li-Battery (3) – Value Chain Upstream – Cathode Materials

Amongst various materials available on the market, lithium iron phosphate (LiMPO4) is the best applicable material for automobile use. However, the patent pertaining to the application of lithium iron phosphate is in the hands of a professor at the University of Texas, D.. more