Updated Low-carbon F3DM Marketing to Private Customers in Shenzhen

published: 2010-05-14 14:58 | editor: | category: News

Shenzhen to become the first private sales location for the updated BYD F3DM

Initial price tag of updated low-carbon F3DM is RMB 169,800.

Featured solar panel charging system and the Fe battery technology

On March 29, the world’s first mass-produced dual mode electric vehicle BYD F3DM, started the marketing to private customers at the price of RMB 169,800 (USD 24,800). The first private sales location is in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. With a pioneering solar panel charging system on the roof, the updated low-carbon version F3DM now comes to our daily life. So, let’s take a near look to see what the charm of this mysterious low-carbon version F3DM is.

Solar Panel Charging System

Besides the DM hybrid system and the Fe battery, the low-carbon F3DM employed higher environment-friendly technology, that the solar panel charging system on the sunroof is not just a fashionable decoration, but another power supplier for the car. The solar panel can transform the solar power into electric power, which can be stored into the Fe battery for driving use. In the whole process, the capture and transform of energy is really efficient. In addition, the low carbon F3DM conceives much more high-tech components and environment-friendly consciousness, featured the newly added transparent crystal-diamond style rear lights, the cool black front Grille with DM logo, the dashboard adopted TFT and LCD, and the automatic thermostatic air-conditioner.

The first new energy car to private consumers

In 2010, the Chinese government has expanded the trial cities for promoting energy-saving and new energy vehicles from 13 to 20. Five cities have be chosen as the pilot cities for the trial program, where private buyers purchase energy-saving and new energy vehicles can get incentives and subsidies, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen etc.. As the first and only sedan chosen by National New Energy Vehicle Recommendation List, the model has been available to government agencies and corporations since Dec.15, 2008. The first private sales location is in Shenzhen as selected and will expand to other new energy car trial cities in China.

Safe and environment-friendly, the world’s leading Fe battery technology

The high capacity Fe battery provides low-carbon F3DM with good power and control performance. The Fe battery represents the most advanced energy storage technology in the field of new energy vehicle globally, which is a core technology in new energy innovation to BYD, and takes leading role in global in various features, including high safety, low cost, environment-friendly, manufacture technique, and cruising range. The F3DM will be able to travel up to 60km on a full charge in city road conditions with zero emission. It can satisfy daily commuting needs for most people. The Fe battery adopted by F3DM has been tested under the extreme conditions like high temperature, high pressure, and heavy crush and proved to have excellent safety performance. It has no harm to environment, since all the chemicals contained in the Fe battery can be recycled in a harmless way.

The backs from Buffett and cooperation with Daimler have proved that BYD has reached a high peak in the global battle of new energy vehicle technology. By marketing F3DM to private customers, BYD further reinforces its global leading role in the new energy vehicle field.

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