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Large Photovoltaic Solar Energy Array Applied in San Jose Airport

published: 2010-07-05 15:26

Travelers who go through San Jose's Mineta International Airport can expect to see many different upgrades that will include a large photovoltaic solar energy array.

The new Terminal B at the airport cost more than $1 billion to create a state of the art facility that is also expected to emerge as something of a local landmark.

Along with various security upgrades and a design that allows for considerable natural lighting, various media outlets have also noted that the airport will be home to a photovoltaic array that generates just over 1 megawatt of electricity.

According to a San Jose Mercury News report, the photovoltaic array will be used to power a rental garage containing about 3,000 cars. The article also describes the various artistic and customer service features offered by the new design.

Around the country, airports have proven to be highly desirable areas for renewable energy generation because such projects help offset the substantial carbon emissions that many of these facilities produce. Many airports also have larger buildings and tracts of nearby land that go well with photovoltaic setups and small wind turbines.

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