BYD and Endesa Chairmen Sign Energy Storage Alliance Agreement in China

published: 2010-09-25 14:29 | editor: | category: News

BYD and Endesa will test small- and large- scale storage systems, which in the future will be crucial to the efficiency and fine operation of the electricity system and the development of e-mobility. The agreement signals another step forward in the electric vehicle fast charge, since it will cover energy storage in the recharging point itself, thereby helping to guarantee supply security.

The Chairman of BYD, Chuanfu Wang and the Chairman of ENDESA, Borja Prado, have signed a collaboration agreement that focuses mainly on energy storage in batteries, a field in which the Chinese company is a world leader and which will be key to the future of both the electricity system in general and the development of e-mobility in particular. At the signing ceremony, also attended executives of the Spanish firm BERGE, which is the sales representative of BYD Electric Vehicle in Spain.

Up until now energy storage has been extremely complex but is essential to ensure an efficient electricity system and the future security of supply. The chemical storage systems (batteries) deployed until now in standalone systems (not connected to the grid) are however somewhat inconvenient and therefore not widely used due to their weight, low output and, in some cases, hazardous components (acids or lead). This agreement will focus on three areas aimed at developing both small- and large-scale storage systems which are financially viable:

Within the framework of the Smartcity Málaga project, leaded by ENDESA, two kinds of small-scale storage will be tested: the first, for SMEs and condos (100/200 kWh) and the second, for households (5/10 kWh).

Together with this action, both companies will work in Store project (developed and leaded by ENDESA in the Canary Islands), a large-scale energy storage system (1MWh) will be deployed to help a more efficiently used energy and render island supply systems more secure.

The third prong of the agreement entails work to integrate the batteries developed by BYD for its electric vehicles into the fast recharge points that ENDESA plans to expand throughout its territories.

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