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Vestas’ Vision of Wind, Oil and Gas is Becoming a Reality

published: 2010-09-30 15:06

The Danish Climate Commission states that Denmark can have a fossil free energy supply.

"We are very pleased that the Danish Government's Climate Commission acknowledges wind energy’s potential as the cornerstone of the future energy supply. Vestas intends to use this message to show the world that thought can be put into action. It supports Vestas' vision that wind is an energy resource that is just as reliable as oil and gas. It just does not pollute the environment, and it is an abundant and free resource,” says CEO of Vestas Ditlev Engel, commenting on the commission report – released today.

Firstly, the report concludes that Denmark can have a fossil free energy supply in the foreseeable future. Secondly, it confirms that wind energy is a modern and competitive power generation technology – and for Denmark, it will be the most economically feasible way to go for maximum usage of its wind resource. Thirdly, the Commission recognises the transition to renewable energy is an economical and technologically feasible option in the event of the oil and gas resources in the North Sea running dry.

"If the Danish government intends to follow the Climate Commission's recommendations, it will contribute to keeping Denmark the leader in wind energy technology development. It will also send a very clear and important signal to other countries that wind is a sustainable source of energy for future development. This is a great opportunity to solidify Denmark's reputation as a laboratory for green, CO2-free power technology solutions that are globally required," says Ditlev Engel.

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