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Sanyo Introduced the Eneloop Portable Solar Panels

published: 2010-09-30 16:32

Sanyo recently introduced their new products Eneloop Portable Solar Panel on their website, which can be used as a power source for laptops, USB devices, handheld games or cell phones.

The Sanyo Eneloop Portable Solar Panel is a square device that equips with solar panels to collect and store energy for those just-in-case situations. Once the panels are charged you can simply plug in whatever powerless item you have and pump some life into it.

There are two versions of this that will be made available. One version comes with just a single solar panel, measuring about the same size as an Amazon Kindle, and it’s suitable for smaller items or for people who have more time to burn. The other version opens like a book to reveal a pair of solar panels.

These classy yet planet-friendly devices will retail in Japan in about the $100 price range. Since they are solar panels, it cannot be the fastest way to charge up your devices, but you could just leave them on the windowsill until you need them.

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