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Think City to be the Star Attraction at the Worlds First Dedicated Electric Mobility Concept Store in Zurich

published: 2010-10-26 16:23

The THINK City, the electric car is the attraction at the world’s first dedicated Electric Mobility Concept Store in Zurich. The m-way store has been specially created and designed by Migros the Swiss retailing giant and THINK’s distribution partner in Switzerland.  

The THINK City is on sale across Europe with sales and production about to commence in the US. THINK has been a unique innovator in pure electric vehicles and power-train technology for nearly twenty years, positioning the company as a world leader in producing cars on a dedicated and highway safe platform. The City can maintain speeds of 70 miles per hour and travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. Approaching 10,000 have been sold   accumulating 35 million zero-emissions road miles to date. 

Michael Lock, Chief Marketing Officer at THINK commented, “Migros has created a fantastic retail showcase in Zurich for both the THINK City and for Electric Mobility. It is a great example of how together with our partners, THINK is not just revolutionizing personal mobility but also the way in which cars are sold.  This is about developing a more engaging retail customer experience than the traditional car dealer model. We will be replicating this approach in many urban centres in cities across the world as we accelerate our global expansion plans.”

“The THINK City is the first purely electric vehicle in series production here in Europe,” says Thomas Schröder, Project Manager at Migros “The car is visually appealing, and it accelerates well. Its high degree of recyclability convinced us that it was in line with one of Migros’ core values: sustainability.”

Visitors to the m-way store can experience electric mobility in all its diversity.  It is presented with multimedia screens, special exhibits and a library providing knowledge in a fun and entertaining way. m-way provides all the answers to questions people might ask about the new world of electric vehicles. The focus of the m-way stores is to show an extensive selection of attractive electric vehicles for rent, lease or to buy. The THINK City is the star in the store exhibited alongside other electric vehicles such as electric scooters.

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