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Think City Powers Europe’s Largest EV Car Sharing Scheme

published: 2010-11-05 14:38

The THINK City is the EV in the Move About car sharing scheme. The pioneering programme was launched in 2009 in Oslo and has just signed up its 1000th member. It has since expanded to Gothenburg and Copenhagen with collaborative projects also taking place in Germany and Austria. Of the 80 vehicles in the scheme, 79 are THINK City models, representing one of the largest EV fleets in Europe.

The THINK City is on sale across Europe with production reaching the milestone of 2,500 units recently. Sales and production are also about to commence in the US.  THINK has been a unique innovator in pure electric vehicles and power-train technology for nearly twenty years, positioning the company as a world leader in producing cars on a dedicated and highway safe platform.  The THINK City can maintain speeds of 70 miles per hour and travel up to 100 miles on a single charge.  In total THINK has now sold approaching 10,000 EV’s  accumulating 35 million zero-emissions road miles to date. 

“Move About is a very innovative organization and we are proud to be their lead partners.” says Michael Lock, Chief Marketing Officer at THINK, “This programme is a great example of intelligent, efficient and flexible personal mobility.  It’s an approach very much consistent with our philosophy to provide 21st century urban mobility solutions. We look forward to working in partnership with Move About as the scheme continues to expand in other major cities around Europe.”

“The number of cars only tells half the story” says Michael Eimstad, Manager in Move About “The car sharing system enables many people to share relatively few cars. This is a much smarter way to use resources, and means that many more people will be able to drive electric cars”

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