The 3rd World Smart Grid Congress 2011

published: 2010-11-22 15:34 | category: News

Since the first nine pilot projects were launched on Aug 2009, SGCC accomplished a bunch of main technologies, with a breakthrough in parts of key technical development and research. In order to speed up the construction of smart grid, the SGCC had started up the second twelve pilot projects of "smart grid strong".

The second pilot projects include:  comprehensive demonstration  projects  of  Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city; massive Wind power forecasts, operations and controls; Transmission lines helicopter/ UAV Intelligent Inspection; VSC-HVDC; distributed PV connection & micro  grid  operation  control; The  95598  provincial  call  center  of  power;  intelligent  power district/building; information platform and safety, PFTTH; optimization of power grid operation monitoring system, power transmission equipment monitoring system, farming net operation, distribution, adjustment, etc., which satisfy the needs of State grid.

According to the three stages proclaimed SGCC, All-round construction phase will start in 2011-2015. As the only comprehensive demonstration project in the second pilot projects, eleven demonstration projects will be constructed in comprehensive demonstration projects of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city which include distributed generators connection, energy storage system, Integrated monitoring system for smart grid, intelligent substation, distribution automation, power quality monitor system, electricity information collection system, intelligent power district/building, EV charging infrastructure, communicating information net and Visualization platform for smart grid. By MG 《Modern Grid》, we hope to communicate with you about the important technologies involved.

Under everyone's joint effort, two terms of international smart grid congress have been hold  successfully  by MG 《Modern Grid》. With co-operation of China Electro Technical Society, we are hoping for your active participation and support.

Organizer:  HNZ Events

Academic advising:  Modern Grid Academic Advising Committee

Media Support:  State Grid Network, China Smart Electric Network, China power grid Network, the North Star Power Grid Network, the State Power Information Network, China Electric Power Technology Network

Guests list:

Cui Guangzh / Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city / Deputy Director of CMC

Zhang Ning / State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Corporation / General Manager

Han Qiang/Tianjin Electric Power CorporationDeputy /Director of Information and Technology

Dr. E. James Prendergast / IEEE / Executive Director

Wu Guihui / Energy Bureau of NDRC / Deputy Bureau Chief

Yan Ping / Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. / Deputy General Manager and Grid General Manager

Bob Heile / Zigbee Alliance / Chairman

Liu Jianming / State Grid Information & Telecommunication Company Ltd. / General Manager

Li Tao / Lang fang Power Company / Deputy General Manager

Tong Yibo / naradabattery / Chief Engineer

Xue Yusheng / Automation Research Institute,State Grid Corporation / Chief Engineer

Yu Bo / State Grid Electric Power Research Institute / Chief Engineer of relay protection branch, relay protection institution

Zhang Jinyun / Institute of Mitsubishi U.S. / Academician and digital communication network supervisor

Xia Zhibing / BYD Auto / General Manager

Ouyang Minggao / Tsinghua University / Officer of Auto energy conservation and safety laboratory

Wen Xuhui / Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences / Electric Vehicle R & D Officer Institute of Electrical Engineering

Wang Lifang / Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences / Professor

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