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Wal-Mart Choose to Adopt Solar Power

published: 2010-11-22 16:31

With over 8,000 stores worldwide, Wal-Mart is truly an international leader in business practices. Recently, it unveiled its newest Canadian distribution center, one of the most energy efficient of its kind in North America. The venture is a testament to the company's ongoing pledge to cut its energy expenditures.

The 450,000 square-foot facility cost $115 million and will mostly supply fresh and frozen foods to Wal-Mart stores in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The plant is equipped with many sustainable features, including LED lighting, hydrogen fuel cell technology, solar power and wind power, building design improvements and infrared technologies. Additionally, the facility features high efficiency doorways between variant temperature zones and a structure that heats the building through waste from its refrigeration system.

Wal-mart's senior vice president for supply chain and logistics, Andrew Ellis, proud of the company's newest distribution center, told reporters that Wal-mart has "delivered a truly state of the art facility," one that they "are very, very proud" of. Deepak Obhrai, a local politician, further applauded the company's commitment to solar power and renewable resources, asserting that by "reducing your carbon footprint, you are blazing a path for all to follow."

Once it is fully operational, the plant will employ 600 people and will save the retail giant millions of dollars in energy costs each year.

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