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Intertek Helps Milliken Launch New Reinforcing Agent for Automotive Polyolefins

published: 2011-01-28 9:22

Intertek, the leading provider of quality and safety solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide, has successfully completed an assessment of Milliken’s new reinforcing agent for automotive polyolefins, Hyperform® HPR-803. Milliken is one of the largest textile and chemical producers in the world. Its chemical products play a critical role in numerous industrial and consumer applications and products including paints, petroleum, plastics, textiles, fibers, and a variety of manufacturing processes.

Early assessment of the processability of polymer recipes on real size components in a specialist laboratory can minimise the risk of failure at a later stage of the development process. It also helps ensure a quick market introduction for new and innovated products.

By testing Milliken’s new and innovative reinforcing agent’s positive influence on the mechanical performance and aesthetic properties of polypropylene, Intertek has facilitated the prompt introduction of Hyperform® HPR-803 into the automotive materials market.

The process involved scaling up injection moulding trials from laboratory level to full automotive component size and performing laboratory testing of these components via 3D measurements. Test results demonstrated the good processability of compounds containing Hyperform® HPR-803, as well as good product characteristics for final components.

The material evaluation by Intertek was completed and reported within Milliken’s tight project deadlines, enabling them to introduce the new material at K 2010, a major global plastics exhibition, last October.

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