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Largest CPV Plant in Latin America to Feature New Skyline Solar X14 System

published: 2011-03-25 9:53

Skyline Solar today introduced the Skyline X14 System and announced that it has been selected for a 500-kilowatt (kW) concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) plant to be built in Durango, Mexico. DelSol Systems, one of Mexico’s leading solar integrators, will construct the project, which will be the largest CPV plant in Latin America.

In sunny climates and by leveraging U.S. federal incentives, the Skyline X14 System can deliver a levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of less than 10¢ per kilowatt hour (kWh). The Skyline X14 System is named for its ability to concentrate sunlight 14 times using durable glass reflectors. Concentrated light illuminates the Skyline X14 Panels made with industry-proven silicon cells backed with metal cooling fins. An integrated and reliable single-axis tracker ensures that the Skyline X14 System is productive from dawn to dusk.

Skyline Solar X14 array selected for solar plant in Durango, Mexico to be constructed by DelSol Systems.

“The state of Durango is the leader in the deployment of clean, renewable solar energy in Mexico,” said Durango Governor C.P. Jorge Herrera Caldera. “Skyline Solar’s technology is ideal for this region because it takes advantage of our high solar radiation.  Additionally, the system does not require much water or maintenance, resulting in a greater return on investment compared to traditional solar systems.”

“The Durango government seeks innovative solar solutions like the Skyline X14 System, where the upgradability of the technology permits extending the useful life of the system, improving financial returns and increasing social benefits,” said Ruben Renteria Ontiveros, the state advocate of strategic projects for the state of Durango.

Ignacio Osorio, director general of DelSol Systems, a leading solar systems integrator in Mexico, said,  “The Skyline X14 System delivers high-performance and flexibility at a low cost, making it easier to build solar systems from a few hundred kilowatts to tens of megawatts. We enthusiastically look forward to completing this project, which will be a milestone for solar CPV in Mexico and Latin America.”

The Skyline X14 System improves upon Skyline Solar’s previous generation of products:

- Industry Leading LCOE: Skyline Solar’s low installed price, low operating costs, 170° tracking system and optimized thermal management enable it to deliver unmatched LCOE in sunny locations.
- Upgradability: In the future, when higher efficiency solar cells are available at a reasonable cost, the Skyline X14 System can be easily upgraded in the field.  This allows the system owners to “future-proof” their investment by retaining the reflectors, tracker and framework and replacing only the Skyline X14 Panels.
- Reliability: The Skyline X14 System uses reliable materials that have been proven in the solar thermal and solar PV industries for decades. Field performance from Skyline Solar equipment with multiple years of operating history has been consistent and stable.
- Scalability: The system is manufactured using existing factories and processes. This reduces capital costs and improves scalability. In the field, the Skyline X14 System can be installed as rapidly as one megawatt (MW) per week with a 22-person crew.

“With multiple years of performance data on the architecture and multiple systems in the field, the Skyline X14 System is a generation ahead of other comparable systems in the CPV market,” said Tom Rohrs, CEO and chairman at Skyline Solar. “We’ve enhanced key elements of our patented system and set a new standard for cost of energy delivered.”

Since introducing its first CPV system and demonstration plant in 2009, Skyline Solar has hit a number of technology, cost and customer milestones. The company has been awarded four patents on its innovative architecture; has hit an LCOE of less than 10¢ per kWh in sunny climates when factoring in U.S. incentives; and has won contracts with the US Department of Energy and Department of Defense.

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