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Siliken Presents Its Exclusive Online Configuration Tool for Installers and Engineers to the Belgian Photovoltaic Sector

published: 2011-05-26 9:51

Siliken's “energyBox training seminar” for installers and professionals in the Belgian sector took place today at the Ramada Brussels Woluwe in Avenue des Pleiades 67 Pleiadenlaan, Brussels (Belgium).
The event was organized to present Siliken's own advanced web configuration tool, which was developed in-house. This online tool not only configures clients' installations but also studies static force and makes structural calculations, guaranteeing the equipment against wind and snow loads. The tool can be adapted to the different national regulations in force in each country.

As International Sales Development Manager Luis Azorín explained, "The web configuration tool arose as a response to the real needs of our clients and from Siliken’s will to provide them with solutions to make their day-to-day work easier. We spent many months developing this tool together with our clients and backed by a team of our very own specialists and technological resources. Both the configuration tool and energyBox are proving to be extremely useful and the product has been very well received throughout Europe".

The Siliken online configuration tool is free of charge to the Company's clients, who are installers, both electrical and in the photovoltaic sector, engineers, etc. The configuration tool comprises five simple steps. First of all, the user selects the country of installation and other parameters that are important for the static load study, such as snow and wind zones, height above sea level and land category. Then, the user selects the type of rooftop and/or roofing material and enters the dimensions, to automatically see the appropriate structural components.

Next, the user selects the module and type of structure, generating a diagram of the rooftop, with the roof scaled according to the measurements entered in the previous step. The configuration tool will then calculate the number of energyBoxes needed for the rooftop and generate the study of the installation. Once the installation has been configured, the application will create a technical report including, among other information: general roof parameters, layout, list of materials, calculation procedure, assembly information, etc.

Given the excellent reception and the level of demand for energyBox, Siliken is offering in-depth seminars featuring this new concept, highlighting the benefits of energyBox and how this project can help installers throughout the sales process, from supply right through to after sales service.

According to Siliken Group General Manager Francisco Soriano, "The strategic moves we make in each country are organised independently. We believe these seminars and conferences are essential and that they must be adapted to the conditions in each country to get the greatest response in each market and to enable us to grow with our clients".
Another of product's key benefits is configuration flexibility and speed of design and installation, allowing installers to work at optimum performance levels. Participants in the seminars have remarked on the enormous advantages of this type of product and training events, as well as how the product provides the solution to many of the problems they encounter with small residential installations. The seminar is an opportunity to get first-hand information and ask questions and raise issues with the Siliken team.

Participants had access to the members of the team involved in creating the product concept, such as the Engineering Sales Department, Marketing Department, Sales Department and the energyBox Product Manager.

This online configuration tool keeps Siliken at the forefront of innovation as it adapts to the needs of rooftop installers. According to studies conducted by Siliken, there is a potential demand for installations on small industrial and residential roofs and energyBox is the simplest and most effective answer to this demand.

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