Solar Laptops have Entered into the Market

published: 2011-06-14 14:43 | editor: | category: News

According to the report of, Andrea Ponti , an Italian industrial designer, has designed a solar-powered laptop that projects to be the greenest of its kind. It gained recognition in a design competition sponsored by Fujitsu.

The laptop consists of clear polycarbonate and two solar panels, approximately four pounds. One panel sits on the rear of the monitor while the other is beneath the touch keyboard. The panels are able to continuously sustain the laptop though that premise has not been tested with success.

Besides the bevy of items that enhance battery power, the Luce Solar Panel Powered PC is one of the globe's first models that are entirely sustained by solar power. Use of a laptop in the sun is taxing to batteries because the brightness of the screen must be elevated in order to take on the bright light emitted by the sun.

Ponti's creation includes a battery but the cordless design clearly indicates the device's sustenance and productivity will not be as high when no sunlight is present.

Should Fujitsu pursue additional plans to establish the Luce, it would not be the only company to explore that route. Apple last year filed paperwork oriented toward "harnessing external light to illuminate a display screen."

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