SolarEdge Scores 15MW of PV Power Optimizer System Orders for the German Market during Intersolar

published: 2011-06-14 15:01 | editor: | category: News

The demand for SolarEdge PV power optimizers in Germany soars with over 15MW of orders placed by the second day of Intersolar Europe tradeshow. Distribution and installation of these systems, maximizing the energy yield of residential and commercial PV sites in Germany, will be carried out by the leading PV integrators Hofbrueckl Solar, EME Energie Management Eberlein GmbH and SolConTec International AG, as part of the intensifying partnership between SolarEdge and these companies.

The SolarEdge power optimizers maximize return on investment throughout a solar photovoltaic system’s lifecycle. Module-level MPPT ensures optimal energy yield, preventing power loss due to mismatch, shading, and uneven module aging.

“The combination of SolarEdge optimization technology and Hofbrueckl Solar’s own highly efficient PV modules significantly enhances the energy output of solar power systems”, says Mr. Shano Mansuroglu, Sales Manager of Hofbrueckl Solar. “The enthusiastic feedback by installers and roof owners alike paved the way to SolarEdge’s prominent position in our product portfolio.” 

Real-time, remote module-level PV monitoring automatically detects and diagnoses underperforming modules, while reducing maintenance and operation costs. Moreover, the power optimizers’ built-in SafeDC™ feature, automatically switches off each module’s DC voltage during installation, maintenance and fire-fighting, making the system particularly safe for technical personnel and roof owners.

“This agreement marks a new milestone in our long term partnership,” said Olaf Nehm, Managing Director at EME Energie Management Eberlein. “I have known SolarEdge products for over three years, and I’m excited to offer this leading photovoltaic technology to our customers.”

“We are very pleased about expanding our close collaboration with SolarEdge” said Peter Stiegler, Head of Sales & Purchasing at SolConTec International. “As a professional designer and integrator of commercial and large scale PV fields, we especially value SolarEdge’s high tolerance to inter-row shading, and its fixed-string voltage ensuring a year-round optimal site design.”

SolarEdge brings revolutionary design flexibility to any photovoltaic installation, eliminating known design constraints. SolarEdge supports the parallel connection of strings of different lengths, across multiple facets, and combining modules of different type, while automatically maintaining a constant string voltage, regardless of string length or temperature. All these lead to optimal site space utilization and high PV inverter efficiency.

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