BYD Company Presents Proposal to Introduce 100% Electric Vehicles in Santiago’s Public Transportation System

published: 2011-06-14 13:28 | editor: | category: News

BYD Company represented in Chile and Peru by Empresas Indumotora- gave an important step towards the introduction of EV´s on public transportation in Chile, after that Henry Li, senior Director of BYD group had official meetings with government authorities, ministers and executives from several national companies to present them details of BYD´s electric vehicles that can turn the country into one of the worldwide pioneers in using these technologies.

In the framework of the V Meeting of Bilateral Business between Chile-China, organized by the Industrial Development Society (Sofofa) and the China Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP), Mr. Li held work meetings with the Minister of Environment, María Ignacia Benitez, with whom BYD signed a cooperation agreement regarding clean technologies. About the initiative, the Secretary of State said that "the government is working to further improve air quality in Santiago, because we want a cleaner country and less pollution. Electric cars are a perfect solution in this matter, since they don´t produce emissions and are environmentally friendly. "

Also, the executive progressed in bilateral conversations with the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, the operating company of Transantiago buses –Alsacia- and Chilectra, looking to move forward in developing a pilot plan that would incorporate BYD´s 100% electric vehicles for public transportation.

"Our 100% electric models K9 (bus) and e6 (car), have proven to be products that not only can significantly reduce pollution in large cities, but also can reduce up to 70% of the operating costs" said Henry Li. According to a research conducted by BYD and Empresas Indumotora, the conversion of the current system to 100% electric buses in public transport in Santiago, would allow an annual reduction of 372,000 tons of carbon dioxide (C02) whereas operating costs by 30% lower.

Also, a total change of the current taxi fleet in the Metropolitan area, replacing them with 100% electric models, would achieve a reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent to 1,280,000 tons per year at a 70% less cost of operation. Thus, electric 20110614 public transport could help reduce up to 20% of the total annual CO2 emissions from mobile sources.

With this agreement, a comprehensive plan will be developed and which will include the analysis of the technical aspects necessary for the development of pilot plans in the national public transport, and deadlines to include fleets of K9 buses and e6 taxis, turning Santiago in one of the pioneer cities in South America in the introduction of such technologies in public and private transport systems.

BYD e6 and K9, the future is now
K9 is the first 100% electric bus developed by BYD. The bus incorporates revolutionary Fe battery technology developed entirely by BYD and an intelligent system of energy regulation. Also, the K9 is equipped with a solar storage system that allows that accumulate energy absorbed by solar panels positioned along the roof, which also reduce the emission of pollutants. This bus is 12 meters long, can travel 250 km only electric charge and requires only 3.5hours to be fully charge.

Meanwhile, the e6 model is also equipped with Fe battery. In its features, highlights its urban autonomy over
300km per charge and its amazing performance, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 10 seconds and
a maximum speed of 140 km / hr.

"BYD and Empresas Indumotora are strongly committed to this project. There’s a real need to improve our quality of life because of the actual high levels of pollution. That is why we are making great efforts to develop a work plan, coordinating different actors, and allowing this dream to become real in our country", said Rodrigo Sanchez, general manager of BYD Auto Chile.

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