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GE Bringing 45 Megawatts of Advanced Wind Turbine Technology to Estonia

published: 2011-07-19 15:38

GE (NYSE: GE) wind turbine technology is making its debut in Estonia, one of Europe’s most promising wind sectors, by supplying 18 wind turbines for the Paldiski Wind Farm. Located in northwestern Estonia near the city of Paldiski on the Parki peninsula, the wind farm will be operated by Eesti Energia AS and Nelja Energia OÜ. Each operator is buying nine turbines from GE. In addition, the Paldiski wind farm will be supported by a 10-year full service agreement from GE to ensure successful operation.

“The 2.5-100 wind turbine is a product of GE’s evolution in the wind industry and is a leader in the multi-megawatt wind sector”

Through the Paldiski Wind Farm, Eesti Energia AS and Nelja Energia OÜ will add 45 megawatts of clean energy to the Estonian grid. The project supports the Estonian government’s initiative to expand the country’s renewable energy supply, as well as Eesti Energia’s long-term strategy of reducing CO2 emissions.

“The 2.5-100 wind turbine is a product of GE’s evolution in the wind industry and is a leader in the multi-megawatt wind sector,” said Stephan Ritter, general manager, GE Renewable Energy Europe. “The higher efficiency, increased reliability, improved ease of maintenance and seamless grid integration features of the 2.5-100 make it an excellent fit for Estonia’s robust wind conditions. This machine produces one of the highest annual energy yields in its class, creating more value for our customers.”

The 10-year full service agreement will provide both operators for the Paldiski project with GE’s most comprehensive operation and maintenance support, which includes advanced anomaly detection, unplanned maintenance and an availability guarantee. GE is scheduled to begin shipping the turbines in spring 2012, with commercial operation of the complete project expected in 2012.

Thanks to strong winds coming off the Baltic Sea, Estonia enjoys significant potential for wind power development, and the Estonian Wind Power Association (EWPA) has identified wind as the country’s leading resource for renewable energy. At the end of 2010, Estonia had 149 megawatts of installed wind capacity, with about 570 megawatts of new wind projects currently in development.

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