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Gintech Energy Corporation Launches High Power Module Solutions of Gpower-245M Cell and Gpower-250S Cell

published: 2011-09-01 15:40

Gintech Energy Corporation Launches High Power Module Solutions of Gpower-245M Cell and Gpower-250S Cell

As strong demand on high power modules rises in worldwide PV markets, Gintech Energy Corporation, a global top 10 leading cell producer, announces its latest cell solutions for high-power module, named Gpower-245M Cell and Gpower-250S Cell, at EU PVSEC 2011, CCH Congress Centre and International Fair, Sept 2011.

Gintech’s latest launch of Gpower-245M Cell, made of multi-crystalline wafer, reaches efficiency more than 17% and increases power output up to 245W, using 60-cell configuration. Additionally, with innovative cell design and high quality material, Gpower-250S, based on mono-crystalline wafers, is expected to reach efficiency above 18%. As a result, the performance of one module can reach at least 250W on 60-cell basis. Both Gpower-245M Cell and Gpower-250S Cell are able to provide high performance module solutions for worldwide customers. A detailed description on the new development will be presented at EU PVSEC 2011, booth number B3U-B2.

Gintech Energy Corporation has continued dedicating itself to develope high efficiency quality cells and providing optimized PV solutions for its clients. Not only Gintech adopts the state-of-the-art automated production equipments to ensure competitive edge, but also endeavors to streamline its production processes through effective utilization of human resources, materials and capital. Gintech’s current product series includes Premium Mono Series, High Power Douro Series and Colorful Phoenix Series.

Gintech Energy Corporation: Gintech Energy Corporation is committed to become a transcendent player in the solar energy industry. It’s also Gintech’s mission to deliver high quality solar products with world-renowned partners and collaborates seamlessly with leading international suppliers to bring the world a cleaner energy. For more information about Gintech Energy Corporation, please visit company website at www.gintechenergy.com

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