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BYD New e6 Launched to Private Customers in China

published: 2011-10-26 14:57

BYD launched the new version e6 to private customers in Shenzhen, China. Named “e6 foregoer” in the Chinese market, the e6 is the first pure electric vehicle commercialized to private customers in China. Presenting much more high-tech features, comfort and convenience, the price of the new e6 is as competitive as 369,800 RMB.

Based on the previous taxi version, the new e6 is also powered by the most reliable BYD-developed Fe battery and boasts the world’s longest range up to 300km(186.4 miles) on a single charge in urban conditions. What differentiates the new e6 from the previous version is that the upgraded e6 employs more advanced high-end technologies developed by BYD. While smart key system, voice-activated navigation system, digital TV and reversing camera are all equipped as standard configurations in the new e6, the real highlight of the new e6 is the connection among the vehicle, the internet, and the communication network. Drivers can remotely control the e6 to lock and unlock the car, acknowledge the current location of the e6 and its distance away from them, and even turn on the air-conditioner with cell phones, which would make it much easier to find the car in a large parking lot. Besides, Drivers can easily obtain kinds of information in the new e6, like latest news, stocks, flight, weather and other information in real time. Furthermore, drivers and passengers can also contact the call center at the press of a button for any emergency services, including vehicle diagnostics and directions.

In order to solve the charging problem, most concerned by the private consumers, BYD works with China Southern Power Grid providing charging cabinet installation service to all the e6 customers. As only as the owners have their own parking space, the China Southern Power Grid will help to install the charging cabinet on site, so that the owners can charge their electric cars simply at home just like charge their mobile phones, without having to go to the professional charging stations, which will definitely make electric vehicles more popular among the private customers.

Since May, 2010, BYD’s e6 have been in operation as taxis successfully in Shenzhen for 17 months. The  a cumulative driving distance of the e6 taxies has surpassed 6 million kilometers(3.73 million miles) by mid-October, while the longest one  has reached 150, 000 kilometers(93,205 miles), equivalent to the distance that one private car might run in 6 years.

BYD has been focusing on research and development of EV technologies for automotive applications as part of its ‘Green City Solution’ project. BYD's all-electric vehicle product line includes e-Taxi and e-Bus offerings.In December, 2008, BYD’s dual mode electric vehicle F3DM was launched in China. In May, 2010, 50 e6 was put onto the road as taxis in Shenzhen. During the Universiade 2011 held in Shenzhen, BYD delivered 300 e6 and 200 all electric buses to the Universiade. Currently, BYD’s e-buses are already in operation in three cities including Shenzhen, Changsha and Haikou. In the overseas market, BYD has also signed cooperative agreement of intent on delivery of electric vehicles with many countries.. As BYD’s motto says “technology based, innovation oriented”, BYD is always dedicating to provide more and more feasible electrified transportation solution to the whole world.

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