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Sunrun Expands to New York to Help Residents Save on Solar Power Installations

published: 2011-11-03 15:28

SunRun announced it has expanded its service to New York to help homeowners install rooftop solar panels at lower prices, as well as help families by offering a low, fixed rate for solar power.

"We give homeowners the ability to fix their electricity costs for 20 years while doing something that's good for the planet," said Lynn Jurich, president and co-founder at SunRun. "And by taking away the high upfront costs and the hassle of ownership, we've made solar something that's affordable today for more American families."

SunRun takes care of the ownership and maintenance of solar installation, which ensures customers will not pay more than $30,000 to operate their solar energy collectors.

SunRun also works to generate job creation, by partnering with top solar installers in each of its markets that it is active in.

Demand Management Installation Services recently announced a partnership with SunRun, which will help customers get solar power for low rates.

The partnership between the two companies will help DMIS customers save on their energy bills, as well as benefit from the other positives factors that solar energy provides.

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