BYD Shows Off Its 2012 New Models at 2011 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

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Nov 21, 2011, BYD is showing its new e6, Dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM, G6, S6, new G3, new L3 and other models at the 2011 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. In accordance with the theme of this year’s exhibition -“Green Technology, Harmonious Future”, BYD is showing all of its new models for 2012, together with breakthrough technologies researched and developed independently by BYD.

The New e6

Following the sales to private buyers of the F3DM car, and the successful operation of the K9 bus (eBUS-12) in China, the new e6 car became available to private buyers on Oct 26, 2011.With public EV charging infrastructure achieving critical mass in the city of Shenzhen, China, the unsubsidized price of the new e6 starts at 369,800 RMB ($56,900 USD). In Shenzhen, consumers can also receive a substantial Government subsidy of 120,000 RMB ($18,000USD), so the net price to consumers of the e6 in Shenzhen is 249,800 RMB ($38,430 USD). The new e6 is the very first domestically-designed and produced, long-range, all-electric vehicle offered for sale to private consumers in China. With a driving range of over 300Km, the new e6 can be charged within 6 hours or overnight with the charging cabinet, an accessory provided by BYD.


With its solid R&D background in the IT industry, BYD has developed many advanced electronic products for cars. In the S6 these include numerous electronic features such as driving assistance system, active and passive safety systems and entertainment systems. All of these are far superior to those of other SUVs in the same segment. The six radar systems (2 radars in the rear and 4 radars in the front) of the S6 can accurately monitor the all round distance of objects and people and deliver alerts when necessary. To ensure the best vision both to the rear and right front side, the S6 is equipped with a special color reversing monitor and a right front Blind Spot Warning function. This delivers a real-time image which is displayed directly on the centre console screen, which is particularly popular among new and less confident drivers.


The newly launched model G6 also features lots of new high-end electronics such as the PMS tyre pressure monitoring system and the BAWS driver fatigue warning system, etc, while the smart phone service and “cloud” system come standard in the new G6 ensuring full connection between the vehicle, the internet and the communication network. Besides the intelligent technologies, the G6 (1.5L) is also equipped with the breakthrough “Ti+DCT” technology developed independently by BYD, making G6 the first high-end self-owned brand model which has a turbocharged direct-injection engine with dual-clutch transmission. “Ti+DCT” technology stands for “Turbocharged direct-injection engine & Dual Clutch Transmission”. Theuse of this technology not only ensures higher power output, but can also enhance driving comfort and reduce the emission.

New 3-Series Modes: F3, G3, L3

Since Oct 31st, BYD has started to upgrade the engines for all the new 3-series models, including F3, G3 and L3.After the upgrade of the engine to BYD473QE (VVL technology), these three models were selected in the latest China National New Energy Saving Subsidies Directory so that consumers can get 3,000 RMB subsidy per car from the central government.

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