Vestas China has Received Its First V100 Order for a Total of 48.6 MW

published: 2012-02-03 14:01 | editor: | category: News

Vestas China has received its very first V100 turbine order from Datang Hubei Renewable Energy (Datang Renewable). The introduction of the newest addition to the 2 MW platform in China took place in early 2011. The order represents not only an important step further into the low wind regime in China, but also a step into the new geographical market of the Hubei province.

The 27 units of V100-1.8 MW turbines with a total capacity of 48.6 MW will be installed in the Long Ganhu wind farm in the Hubei province, a low-wind site with an average wind speed at 5 m/s. Compared to other wind power plants in China, the Long Ganhu site is situated close to one of the intensively energy consuming areas of Hubei province. Thus, this answers the call from the National Government of pursuing the development of “distributed” wind power in China. The successful application of Vestas’ V100 at this wind site will set an example for distributed wind power at low-wind sites in other provinces, and the open-up in the Hubei province will bring new business opportunities for Vestas.

Jens Tommerup, President of Vestas China says, “The low-wind sites in China is a new market of huge potential, but a new market also implies new challenges for wind power developers. It is therefore important to choose a proven and reliable technical platform and well-recognized business partners. Datang Renewable’s selection of Vestas for low-wind sites is the best recognition of our long-term cooperation. The contract is of great significance to us; it not only helps us open up a new market, but also firms our steps towards the exploitation of the dominant wind regime in China.”

The contract includes delivery, transportation, installation supervision and commissioning of the wind turbines, a VestasOnline® Business SCADA solution as well as a two-year service and maintenance agreement. The first turbines are scheduled to be delivered in the second quarter of 2012.

The V100 turbine is especially developed for low wind sites and designed on the proven 2 MW platform. With gradually fewer high wind sites to be exploited globally, low-wind sites are attracting the focus of the wind power developers. With a proven and reliable technical platform and a high performance, the 2 MW platform with a 100 metre rotor diameter for low wind conditions has since its introduction won customers’ recognition in Europe, North America, South America, the Mediterranean area as well as in Asia. As of mid-2011, the V100 had a track record of 180 units installed globally. Currently, Vestas’ integrated manufacturing complex in Tianjin is one of the three global manufacturing complexes that are able to produce the V100 turbine.

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