MAGE SOLAR Modules Chosen for AIA-Award Winning Disaster Relief and Mass Housing Concept

published: 2012-04-23 16:17 | editor: | category: News

MAGE SOLAR, part of the globally operating MAGE GROUP, announced its premium-quality PV-modules are part of the REOSE award-winning green building design that revolutionizes sustainable living as well as disaster relief housing.

Architects and Tulane professors Judith Kinnard and Tiffany Lin developed the “Sunshower SSIP House” as entry in the REOSE Sustainable Design Competition. Part of the requirement was to create a practical, price-conscious, real-life application for mass housing needs. In addition, the design needed to meet the standards for emergency disaster response and provide a fast, safe, and energy-sustainable shelter for displaced victims of natural disasters.

The prize-winning Sunshower SSIP House is a containerized kit that includes 22 MAGE POWERTEC PLUS 235 W US-modules to power all the energy needs of the 1,050-square-foot house. Energy-efficient building materials and design allow the highly-efficient 5.1 kW MAGE SOLAR PV-system to cover 100% of the electricity requirements even in extreme environments. Based on their durability and extreme reliability, MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules were chosen as an ideal component in top-quality sustainable technology and construction.

“The concept of the Sunshower House is truly remarkable,” said Joe Thomas, President and CEO of MAGE SOLAR USA. “It’s not only completely well functional, but it also incorporates innovative and aesthetically pleasing design at the same time into ready-made construction. We’d like to congratulate not only the winning architects but also REOSE for their commitment in bringing sustainable mass and emergency housing onto an entirely new level.”

A prototype of the Sunshower SSIP House is on display in New Orleans’ Lakeview neighborhood to give government officials, green building and relief organizations an opportunity to experience the innovative design first-hand. In developing and realizing the project, REOSE also made a point of using only local and/or US-products on a preferred basis and working with vendors capable of delivering on a large-scale. The MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules used in the home are fully ARRA-compliant and UL-listed. 

"REOSE and the sponsors of the competition had very formal intentions in selecting the technology vendors to participate in this project,” says Joseph Basilice, the President of Oceansafe. “MAGE is the leader and pace setter in the solar field; they have made a tremendous contribution in presenting the REOSE containerized, sustainable design on a global level. It is an honor to be associated with MAGE on the international playing field."

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