Clean Republic Selects AllCell to Supply Lithium-ion eBike Battery with 40 Mile Range

published: 2012-05-28 15:02 | editor: | category: News

CleanRepublic, one of the largest retailers of electric bike conversion kits in the U.S. and owner of the Hill Topper and ProPack brands, announced its selection of AllCell Technologies to supply U.S. made lithium-ion batteries.  AllCell’s batteries are protected by the company’s proprietary thermal management system, which limits maximum battery temperature and protects against overheating, leading to a dramatic improvement in cycle life.  The new battery was jointly developed by Clean Republic and AllCell, and provides riders with a 40-mile drive range, a dramatic increase from Clean Republic’s existing 10-mile and 20-mile battery options.  At just 6 pounds, the 40-mile battery offers the best energy density in the industry and is the perfect solution for Clean Republic’s most demanding consumers.

Clean Republic is constantly scouring the world for the latest and greatest technologies to provide to their customers, and strives to use American suppliers whenever possible.  “An important segment of our customer base has been asking for batteries with a longer drive range for years,” said Clean Republic CEO Michael Shope, “We are thrilled that we were able to double the range of our existing lithium-ion battery while only adding one and a half pounds in total weight.”  

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The key to the improved battery size, weight, and performance is AllCell’s patented phase change material (PCM) thermal management system.  The PCM surrounds each lithium-ion cell in the battery pack, where it absorbs and conducts heat away from the cells as they heat up.  This simple and effective technology requires no energy to operate and can double the cycle life of the battery pack.  AllCell is headquartered in Chicago, IL, allowing the company to provide excellent logistics and customer service in addition to cutting-edge battery technology.

According to AllCell CEO Said Al-Hallaj, “We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Clean Republic, and look forward to supplying their customers with the best eBike batteries available today.  More and more electric bike companies are coming to the conclusion that there is a real market for high-quality, compact, and light-weight batteries.  Throughout our work with Clean Republic it has been clear that they listen carefully to their customers and care deeply about product quality and performance.”

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