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LDK Solar Introduces New ‘Professional Series’ and ‘Value Series’ PV Modules at Intersolar Europe

published: 2012-06-15 16:46

LDK Solar Co., Ltd. (NYSE: LDK) ("LDK Solar") a leading vertically integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) products, will introduce its innovative product offering to the global solar markets at Intersolar Europe, the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry taking place in Munich from the 13th - 15th of June.

LDK Solar will launch a newly developed ‘Professional Series’ of high-quality PV modules with a state of the art 25-year Linear Power Warranty and a new ‘Value Series’ with an enhanced four-step Power Warranty.

With its ‘Professional Series’ LDK Solar addresses commercial customers and distribution partners that are looking for higher power class modules with best-in-class warranty conditions offering the following advantages:

● A guaranteed higher initial power output of minimum 97% for multi and 96.5% for monocrystalline modules in the initial year of service.
● An industry leading linear PV module performance with an annual power output decrease limited to 0.7%.
● After 25 years a minimum power output of 80.2% for multi and monocrystalline modules.
● Modules sorted by current increasing the output power of the PV system.

The LDK Solar ‘Value Series’ is targeted at customers who are looking for the best value, high quality and high performance modules.  It covers the majority of the range of multi and monocrystalline modules in each product type including a Power Warranty which guarantees a minimum power output in the following four steps:

● Step 1: 94% for the first 5 years
● Step 2: 90% for up to 11 years
● Step 3: 85% until 18 years 
● Step 4: 80.2% minimum at the end of 25 years

In addition, all LDK Solar modules manufactured from June 15th, including both the ‘Value Series’ and the ‘Professional Series’, will be introduced with a new positive tolerance of -0/+5 Wp.

Stuart Brannigan, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing of LDK Solar Europe:  “We think it’s time to take a lead in setting standards for the PV industry by combining positive tolerance features and higher power class modules offered by other manufacturers with excellent power warranties that are at the industry forefront.  With the new global LDK Solar Value and Professional Series we are giving customers the opportunity to choose the module and service that best suits their application and needs. We fully understand that PV modules are part of a system and the ultimate goal is to deliver the best value per KWh generation cost.”

Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman and CEO of LDK Solar:  “In the present difficult economic environment and the apparent consolidation of the PV industry confidence in the future is priority for our customers. Our new best in class product offer provides our customers with that level of confidence required to fully commit to their continued investment in the sector.”

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