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Fisker Automotive Celebrates Revolutionary Technology and Design With Significant Wall Street Journal Advertising Presence

published: 2012-06-25 15:23

In its first major advertising campaign in national US media, Fisker Automotive, the leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended range (EVer), today celebrated its breakthrough in combining sustainable motoring with cutting edge technology and design.

The company’s advertisement – a multi-page display in today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal – extols Fisker’s success in bringing the industry’s first four-door luxury electric vehicle to market, while acknowledging the challenges that accompany all new pioneering technologies.

“Launching a new car company is a difficult enough challenge on its own and one that is rarely attempted, let alone also trying to establish a new brand with a revolutionary new product and technology,” says Henrik Fisker, Executive Chairman and Chief Designer. “We have made steady progress and won several prestigious awards for our game-changing Karma model.

“But changing the market is never a risk-free enterprise. We have faced multiple challenges, which have created skepticism about our ambitions – especially in uncertain economic times. But we are building a business for the future by pursuing sustainable luxury without compromise.”

Fisker Automotive has always stayed true to its original vision. Almost without exception, the purity of an original car design is typically lost in its translation from concept to production. Fisker Automotive has defied convention with the Karma – bringing the concept to reality without alteration and in a record four years.

In an even more revolutionary step, the Karma’s EVer powertrain fundamentally changes the way we drive. Short daily trips – the majority of our driving – can be completed on electric power alone, without tailpipe emissions.

Karma drivers also have the freedom to take longer trips without worry, thanks to a gasoline engine-generator: quick visits to the gas station extend the Karma’s range indefinitely.

“By combining true ‘dream car’ design with zero-emission capability, we are doing something that has never been tried before,” continues Henrik Fisker. “Change is not easy. Today’s message in the Journal is an opportunity to put these challenges into perspective and take stock of what we have achieved.”

In a first for an American car company, earlier this year the Fisker Karma captured Top Gear magazine’s Luxury Car of the Year Award. Fisker Automotive has raised more than $1 billion from private investors and generated revenues exceeding $100 million from customers who have decided to join us on this remarkable journey.

“We think that’s impressive,” concludes Mr. Fisker. “And we’re just getting started.”

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