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BenQ Solar Obtains JET Certification to Actively Deploy its Integrated Resources in the Japanese Market

published: 2012-06-25 15:31

The world's leading solar solution brand, BenQ Solar, (June 25th) announced that it has obtained Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories' certification and has become one of the few foreign companies worldwide officially awarded JET certification. BenQ Solar has been actively developing the Japanese solar market. Besides gaining JET certification, in order to fulfill specific local needs in Japan, BenQ solar has not only provided a small-sized high-efficiency solar module (GreenTriplex PM200M00) tailored for residential users, but also offered an all-black design high-efficiency solar module (GreenTriplex PM250M00) and an anti-salt mist corrosion solar module (EcoDuo PM240P00) aimed for commercial rooftop and utility market.

JET is an officially authorized laboratory institution in Japan and has been in charge of performing factory inspection and product testing for electronic products. It takes much time and is difficult to acquire JET certification due to the greater concern of Japanese consumers about electronic product safety and the huge demands in the Japanese domestic market. BenQ Solar's obtaining JET's solar module certification denotes BenQ Solar's products meet the highest standard of safety and are equipped with the capability to respond to the world trend. Recently, Japan is going to implement a new Feed-in-Tariff policy for renewable energy in July. The subsidies for renewable energy will be at higher rates than the subsidies in the other countries, and for BenQ Solar, which makes Japan one of the promising markets in Asia-Pacific area.

For Japanese residential user preferences for lightweight and rooftop design, BenQ Solar provides a flexible small-sized solar module (GreenTriplex PM200M00) which matches all sizes of rooftops of the buildings in order to be designed for the optimized solar power systems and is also convenient for installation and maintenance. Considering Japan is surrounded by sea, BenQ Solar also provides a EcoDuo PM240P00 solar module which has passed the salt mist corrosion tests of IEC 61701. The module is able to maintain high-efficiency power output for the large solar power plants even in the costal regions. For Japanese who regard architecture as an aesthetics pursuit , BenQ Solar has customized an all-black high-efficiency solar module (GreenTriplex PM250M00) with elegant appearances, three bus-bar design, and higher efficiency power output.

BenQ Solar has entered the Japanese solar market since 2009 and cooperated with M.Setek, a leading polysilicon provider in Japan, and jointly invested in AUO SunPower with SunPower, an American leading solar cell company. With the high-quality materials and cells, BenQ Solar's modules are able to maximize the power conversion efficiency. Our vertically integrated solar value chain altogether better provides customers with world-class products and technologies.

BenQ Solar has successfully accomplished many large solar power plants projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. After obtaining JET certification, BenQ Solar will cooperate with more partners to provide Japanese customers with reliable, high-efficiency and eco-friendly solar products, and is continuing to expand our solar business in Asian market.

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