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Centrosolar Online Tool now also Available Internationally

published: 2012-08-03 14:42

Plan PV systems around the world using the English version of Centrocheck

The German solar company Centrosolar is launching an English-language version of the Centrocheck planning tool to the international market. Centrocheck is now available to help installers plan solar installations in any country from Austria to Vietnam. It complements the already established tool for clients in North America where installers use a special online portal customized for that market with unique design and financing capabilities. Each country version automatically includes the solar panels, inverters and the country-specific calculation basis available for use in each particular country. In addition to installers and solar professionals, home owners can also use the free online tool to precisely plan individually-tailored photovoltaic systems based on Centrosolar panels.

Centrocheck is the only planning system that comprehensively covers project design. The intuitive tool provides all the information necessary to plan, build and operate a photovoltaic system. Centrocheck can be used online under www.centrocheck.com without having to be installed on the user’s computer. There are two different versions available: The basic version works without logging in and uses preset values for all calculations, making it particularly well-suited for home owners.

You must complete a free, one-time registration process in order to use the comprehensive expert mode. Solar professionals can enter all parameters individually and plan the entire system from installation drawings to roof and inverter layout right through to yield and efficiency forecasts. The plan drawing is in 3D and may be both rotated and zoomed. Interfering surfaces on the roof are also taken into consideration to ensure precise design of the panel layout. The program compiles all the necessary project documents, including data sheets, cabling diagrams, installation drawings and initial operation reports. Users of the full version can save, download and print all planning data using a separate online folder, and this can be forwarded to Centrosolar to request an individual quote.

Centrocheck is also available as an app – fully independent of the operating system on the mobile end device. Users can use their smartphone to access the program services on the go and free of charge under www.m.centrocheck.com. The program uses integrated functionality to recognise the position and inclination of the roof, as well as on-site irradiation data.

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