Envision Solar Announces Major Technology Advancement for Solar Tree® Array

published: 2012-08-17 14:36 | editor: | category: News

Envision Solar’s Drag & Drop Infrastructure Product Line features

New Pre-Cast Columns for Solar Tree® Structures Enabling Fast & Easy Installation

Envision Solar International, Inc. (“Envision Solar”)(OTCBB:EVSI – News), a leading sustainable infrastructure product designer and developer, has announced that the company has successfully completed the engineering and manufacturing of its first run of pre-cast concrete columns for its Solar Tree® arrays. The first such pre-cast columns are now on their way to product deployments in Michigan, Colorado, and California. A significant improvement from prior methods, this new pre-cast column technology is part of Envision Solar’s Drag & Drop Infrastructure product line that offers much faster, more efficient deployment of the Solar Tree® structures.

Envision Solar President and CEO, Desmond Wheatley, says, “We are continually leveraging technology to increase our efficiency and quality. We call this new modularized approach: Drag & Drop Infrastructure – creating the shortest possible time and ease for deploying the best solar shaded parking products in the industry with the least disruption in the field. That means lower costs, lower risks, higher quality and higher customer satisfaction. We have to take these steps in order to efficiently meet the volume demands that our business development activities will be creating. We are in this to deploy thousands of Solar Tree® arrays and we are going to have to be highly efficient to get that done.”

Peter Seiler, Director of Program Management for Envision Solar, explains, “Our extensive and successful experience in the field has enabled us to take this major leap forward. By manufacturing the pre-cast concrete column in a controlled environment, we are able to achieve the highest quality results, ready for delivery and installation.  In terms of time on the job site, we can place the pre-cast concrete column in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks required for cast-in-place methodology.”

Wheatley adds, “This new pre-cast column innovation is of high importance to our customers who are always concerned about disruption to their core businesses. Our ability to deploy the best products in the industry with the least impact to our client sites is a major differentiator for us. The fact that we can easily move and relocate our Solar Tree® structures at a future date if the customer choses to redevelop their parking lot, is another major benefit we gain from our pre-cast columns. And it’s easier than ever to integrate company branding, lighting, SunCharge Column-Integrated EV Charging Stations, and EnvisionTrak our proprietary solar tracking system, into the column. Simply put: you cannot find a more highly-engineered, better quality solar shaded parking product in the industry.”

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