More Top Marks for Sunways Solar Inverters in Photon Test

published: 2012-12-03 14:49 | editor: | category: News

Sunways Solar Inverter NT 11000 twice awarded top mark "A"

Exceptional device design with three inputs

Another inverter from photovoltaics specialist Sunways has proven itself when tested: Photon magazine twice awarded the transformerless, three-phase Sunways Solar Inverter NT 11000 from the company's New Technology series its highest rating, "A", for outstanding efficiency. Together with solar modules, inverters are key to the yield of a photovoltaic system. They convert generated direct current into alternating current, which can then be used to operate standard household appliances or fed into the public power grid. Devices from Sunways AG are among the best in their output classes on a regular basis. "The name Sunways has a good reputation in the inverter industry," says Photon Profi in its November issue. It was only a few months ago that the magazine praised the Sunways Solar Inverter PT 33k, a central inverter, as the most powerful device in its test series to date.

High maximum values with smooth efficiency curveThe crucial factors behind these most recent test results were the device's high efficiency and the smooth progression of its efficiency curve over most of the voltage and output range. The Sunways Solar Inverter NT 11000 achieved very good (“A”) efficiency ratings from Photon: 96.6 percent for medium and 96.7 percent for high irradiance levels. Maximum efficiency measured during testing was 97.7 percent, which even exceeds output as listed on the inverter's data sheet. Another feature commended by the experts was the device's accurate MPP tracking: they rated the rapid readjustment of the device with the aid of three independent MPP trackers as "virtually seamless". Like all inverters from Sunways, the Solar Inverter NT 11000 is equipped with patented HERIC® topology. This guarantees maximum output even with a partial load.

Other plus points for ease of use and extensive communication toolsAccording to the magazine, "the NT 11000 is a real lightweight at 31 kilograms." The testers continue: "The Sunways Solar Inverter NT 11000 also left a very positive lasting impression in terms of ease of use, design and processing." Also rated highly were the inverter's modern communication options (the Sunways "All-in-one" concept), including data logger and web server, as well as its convenient graphic display.

The Solar Inverter NT 11000 is certified for virtually all of Europe as well as other countries. Country settings are easy to set using the membrane keyboard. It goes without saying that the inverter meets the requirements of the current Low Voltage Directive (VDE-AR-N 4105) and the technical directive "Generating Plants Connected to the Medium Voltage Network" (Medium Voltage Directive).

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