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Renogy Plus Solar-Edge: A Powerful Combination

published: 2013-03-05 14:32

Renogy has been operating as a clean energy solution provider for some time now, producing high quality solar panels, LED lighting solutions, and biomass products. All of the Renogy solar cells feature an efficiency rating of at least 17%, which is among the highest in the industry. The solar panels also feature a lightweight aluminum frame, silicon solar cells, and tempered glass. Below the tempered glass is a thin layer of quality EVA film that protects the solar cell from wear and tear as well as the general aging process. Until recently, Renogy solar panels have not come with any special power optimization equipment. Power optimization equipment is designed to harvest more power from the system by utilizing per module power point tracking technology. SolarEdge is a leading manufacturer of solar optimization equipment, and Renogy is proud to announce that they will soon incorporate SolarEdge technology into their newest solar panels.

SolarEdge is known as a leader in several solar product categories, including power tracking in solar cells, solar PV inverters, and web portals for module-level monitoring and fault detection. The SolarEdge power optimizer enables the harvesting of more solar power from any PV system by effectively removing the known system constraints across the photovoltaic energy space.  The power optimizer will be installed by Renogy, on each panel, and will replace the traditional solar junction box. The power optimizer also has special safety features which will cause the solar module to stop operation for installation and firefighter safety. The power optimizer will ultimately allow the panel to function at 99.5% of its total maximum efficiency in both mismatched and unshaded conditions. Renogy is even more excited for its customers, as their panels will provide a greater return on investment than ever before possible.

SolarEdge envisions that every solar module will be individually managed by DC-DC power optimizers, accelerating the pace towards grid parity and making clean energy affordable. SolarEdge was founded in 2006 and has shipped 1,800,000 power optimizers to 45 counties worldwide. Their corporate office is located in northern California and they frequently conduct training seminars around North America.

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